• Vocab Quizzes will be every Friday starting in Quarter 3, Semester 2.

    Every week, students will have a homework assignment to go along with studying their vocabulary words.

    Students must write 10 sentences, 1 for each Vocab word, where they use each word correctly. This homework will be due every Friday.



    10 Vocabulary Words. FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE.


    Metaphor: A metaphor is a comparison made between things, which are essentially not alike. One example of a metaphor would be to say, “Nobody invites Edward to parties because he is a wet blanket.”

    Simile: A simile is a direct comparison and often uses the words like or as. One example of a simile would be to say, “Jamie runs as fast as the wind.”

    Hyperbole: Exaggerating (often in a humorous way) to make a point is known as hyperbole. One example of hyperbole would be to say, “My eyes widened at the sight of the mile-high sundaes we were having for dessert.”


    Personification: When something that is not human is given human-like qualities, this is known as personification. An example of personification would be to say, “The leaves danced in the wind on the cold October afternoon.”

    Symbolism: Symbolism occurs when something that has meaning in itself is used to represent something entirely different. One example of symbolism would be to use an image of the American flag to represent patriotism.

    Onomatopoeia: When the name of an action imitates the sound associated with it, this is known as onomatopoeia. One example of onomatopoeia would be to say, “The bees buzz angrily when their hive is disturbed.”

    Cliché: A cliché is a phrase that is often repeated and has become kind of meaningless. An example of a cliché is the expression "walk a mile in my shoes."

    Idiom: An idiom is an expression used by a particular group of people with a meaning that is only known through common use. One example of an idiom would be to say, “I’m waiting for him to kick the bucket.” Many idioms that are frequently used are also considered clichés.

    Alliteration: When you use words that have the same sound at the beginning. One example of alliteration is "Stellar students study to do well in school."

    Assonance: When you repeat a vowel sound in a phrase is it assonance. For example, "True, I do like Sue."


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  • The following was copied by students on 1/30 (Tuesday) and outlines the requirements for their essays. 

    Paragraphs always need to be at least 5 sentences to receive full credit.


    You will write a 4 paragraph INFORMATIVE essay.

    1st paragraph should:

    • Introduce author’s name and title of the story
    • Mention the Unit name (PERCEPTION AND REALITY) and explain what it means to you.
    • Briefly explain how the Unit name relates to the story “Heartbeat”
    • Last sentence should be your THESIS STATEMENT.

    2ND & 3rd paragraphs should:

    • Begin with a TOPIC SENTENCE
    • Describe key plot details
    • Use the I.C.E. method to provide evidence

    4th paragraph should:

    • Address your thesis statement
    • Relate the story “Heartbeat” to your own life
    • Answer the question: So what? (Why should we care?)
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  • Welcome to 7th grade Language Arts!!!


    To sign up for Remind, which is a system that allows teachers to send reminders to parents and students about assignment and school related information, simply text @wise89 to this number: 81010. If you'd prefer to receive emails rather than texts, sign up online at http://www.remind.com with the same code (@wise89).

  • I would greatly appreciate if any students could bring in the following based on which period they will be in my class.


    Period 1- Copy Paper

    Period 2- Tissues

    Period 4- Hand sanitizer

    Period 6- index cards

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