Week 1

  • Thursday-

    School Procedures and Expectations



    School Procedures and Expectations

  • Monday- Aug 14th

    Safety Notes

    Tuesday- Aug 18th

    Safety Notes Continued

    Safety Power Point

    Wednesday- Aug 19th

    What is an MSDS Sheet and how can I use it while opperating with chemicals?


    1. Review the attachment labeled MSDS Break Down.

    2. Then determine what are the 5 most important bits of information

    provided on an MSDS.

    3. Open the attachment MSDS Top 5 PPT and fill in the power point with the
    information required.

    4. Use the WD 40 MSDS Sheet to screen shot each portion and put on the power point.

    5. When finished email it to regina.harris@marion.k12.fl.us

    MSDS Break Down

    MSDS Top 5 PPT

    WD 40 MSDS Sheet

    Thursday/Friday- Block Day

    Safety Exam

    Knot Tying

    Land Lab Tour



Week 2 Aug 7-11

Week 3 Aug 21-25th

  • Monday-


    How can I utilize SMART goals and leadership skills from the FFA to become a better citizen?

    I will:
    Identify how to become an active FFA member.

    Today in class we reviwed how to become an FFA member and the many ways to participate.
    Below is the FFA Power Point and we answered the 7 questions in our notebook.

    FFA Power Point



    I will:
    Explain the meaninging of the FFA creed and identify how it applies to my life.

    Today we reviwed the FFA Creed paragraph by paragraph and discussed with a partner
    the meaning of the paragraph and then wrote in our notebooks the meaning of each paragraph.

    I will:
    I dentify the historical development and changes of the FFA Creed.

    We read an article about E.M. Tiffany and Compared and Contrasted the Future Farmer Creed
    (please see Mrs. Harris for a copy of these worksheets)


Week 4 August 28-Sept 1st

  • Monday-

    Harris was out. Students should have completed the Compare and Contrast of the FFA Creed.


    Students corrected and returned safety exams as well as safety contracts.
    If students did not complete work on Monday they had time to complete this in class.


    Wednesday- (early release)

    EQ: How can soft and hard skills be used in the workforce to help secure jobs?

    I will:
    Define soft and hard skills.
    Compile a list of example soft and hard skills.

    In class we read the article attached below and completed the chart on a 1/2 sheet of notebook paper.

    7 Most Important Soft Skills


    Soft Skills

    Hard Skills




    List 2 Examples




Week 5 Sept 4-8

  • Monday Sept 5

    NO SCHOOL - Labor Day

    Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 6-7th

    Notes on SAE's

    SAE Power Point


Week 6 Sept 11-15th NO SCHOOL IRMA

Week 7 Sept 18-22nd

  • Monday:

    SAE Article's

    We read two seperate articles and determined what type of SAE was talked
    about in the article.



    We created a timeline of important events in FFA History using the FFA Handbook.

    FFA Timeline Worksheet Turned in on tuesday for a grade



    Class completed a review of FFA Unit.

    FFA Review


    Block Day:

    FFA Unit Test

    Outside Land Lab Activity


October 31-Nov 3

  • Monday:

    Students had time to work on Plant Book and Florida Cash Reciepts Activity
    These two items are due by Friday November 3rdand will not be accepted after this date.



    Students watched the video link below of Rick Rigsby.
    They answered on a 1/2 sheet of paper the following questions:

    1. What did Rick tell you to hold onto?

    2. What did Rick mean by "find your broom"?

    3. What is one thing you will take away from Rick's speech?





     Animal Rights and Welfare Article


    Wednesday 11/8

    Read the article and take notes on the characteristics of each breed.

    Answer the questions at the end of the article. 

    Due Block Day if not finished. 

    Beef Breeds Reading


    Tuesday 11/17

    Exploring the Beef Industry

  • FSA Testing Time

    Students please note that you will be out of class for testing in the coming weeks.
    You will need to make up any assignments you miss. 
    If you miss for testing you have ONLY untill the dates listed to turn in assignments. 

    Please reference the excel spread sheet for assignments and their due dates. 


    Ag Foundations Assignment Grid