Greek and Roman Civilizations

  • Classical Studies is defined as the study of the civilizations of Greece and Rome in the Classical period. All sources are studied in English and no knowledge of Greek or Latin is required. Cambridge International AS Level Classical Studies aims to provide candidates with an understanding and appreciation of Classical civilizations. The study of Classical civilizations is valuable because:


    • They form the basis for the Western traditions of art, literature, philosophy, political thought and science which have shaped the modern world.
    • Greek and Roman works of art, literature, philosophy, etc., have an intrinsic interest and quality and represent some of the highest achievements of humankind. Their study is relevant to many issues of contemporary society.
    • The multi-disciplinary nature of Classical Studies, which combines different areas of study such as literature, history of art, history, science and others, leads to a greater understanding of the relationship between different intellectual disciplines and encourages students to make connections between them.