• English 1 Honors (8th Honors Language Arts)

    Ms. Ashley Banta

    Email: Ashley.banta@marion.k12.fl.us                                     

    Remind App: Text @8thhonor to 81010

    Webpage: https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/13817                                

    Phone: (352) 671-6325 Ext. 52149


    Welcome to my Language Arts Class. This year we will be developing our reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as we prepare for the Florida Standards Assessment, Close Reading Lessons, and Reading Writing Assessments. You are always welcome to contact me, but note that the best way to contact me is by email or through the Remind App.


    • All assignments are due on the given due date. Anything after that will be considered late, and will not receive full credit.
    • Parents and students will be able to see assignments and due dates on my webpage (link above), and will be reminded through the Remind App.
    • Students are responsible for keeping track of assignments and due dates.

    Make-up Assignments

    • Students will have two days for every day they have been excused for an absence.
    • The “What You Missed” board in my room will list assignments, when they were assigned, and when they are due. There will also be examples posted. Students are responsible for looking at this board, taking notes, and asking questions about what they need to make up.
    • If the absence is known ahead of time, please come talk to me about what the missing assignments will be.

    Re-do Assignment Policy

    I will allow re-do work for students whose work did not demonstrate mastery of a standard. Students can make up work to gain up to 50% of the missed credit. For example, if a student makes a 50% on a paper, the student can re-do the paper for a maximum score of 75%. Tests, CRLs and RWAs are excluded from this rule.


    • Be on time. You must be in your seat and working on your bell work when the bell rings.
    • Be prepared. Bring daily required materials and assignments to class every day.
    • Be respectful. Show respect to everyone and everything.
    • Be responsible. Take responsibility for your actions.
    • The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.
    • In addition to these rules, all the rules in the student handbook will be enforced.
    • If any student is caught cheating or plagiarizing on any assignment, quiz, or test, the result will be an AUTOMATIC ZERO AND A PHONE CALL HOME.


    Grades for each nine weeks will be broken down as follows:

    • Homework: 10%
    • Dailey assignments/Classwork/Quizzes/Learning Checks/CRLs/RWAs: 50%
    • Tests/Projects/Presentations: 40%

    Grading scale: A: 100-90%; B: 89-80%; C: 79-70%; D: 69-60%; F: 59-0%

    Please remember that you must pass all core subjects, including 8th grade Language Arts, in order to move on to 9th grade.


    1st Offense: Verbal warning/ teacher-student conference/ Name on board

    2nd Offense: Parent contact/ Discipline assignment

    3rd Offense: Referral

    *The teacher reserves the right to skip steps if the action is severe enough.





    I am looking forward to getting to know all of you! Let’s have a great year!