We will focus on improving our reading and writing skills while also discovering different genres and forms of what you read and what you write. I have many goals in 7th grade Language Arts, which include building school habits as well as reading and writing habits that you will use in all classes as well as in high school, college, and beyond. 



    As Colts at North Marion Middle School, it is important and expected that we are always safe, respectful, and responsible. This means that we come to class on time, are kind and helpful to each other, ask questions to clarify any confusion, participate in all activities, finish our work neatly and on time, listen to requests and directions from adults, and follow the COLT CREED.


    1) Do what's right

    2) Do your best

    3) Treat others the way you want to be treated


    The reason we are at school is to increase our knowledge. The only way we can do this is by being safe, respectful, responsible, and taking ownership of our learning.



    Absences: If you are absent, it is your job to find out what work you missed and to make it up. Even if there was no assignment due, you need to talk to your classmates and learn any of the skills that were presented or practiced so that you can keep up with the class. If an assignment was due on the day of an absence, the assignment MUST be turned in within 2 days of the day you missed or it will be considered LATE. If you are absent the day an assignment is given, you will have the same amount of days to complete it as other students in class. It must be turned in by the specified date.


    Bathroom Policy: Ideally, you should use the restroom during your time in between classes. If you do need to use the restroom during class, please try to go only during independent or group work time and not during instruction or class discussion time. You must fill out the restroom log that remains in my classroom with your name and the time that you leave the class and the time that you return to class. In addition, you must take the bathroom pass with you while you are not in the classroom.


    In-class Reading/ Writing: You will have the opportunity to read and write independently during class almost everyday. Students are expected to work quietly during this time so that I am able to work with individuals and small groups on their reading and writing skills. You will also have time where you will be working in pairs, small groups, and with the whole class. When working in pairs or small groups, be sure that you stay on topic, complete your work, and collaborate to further enhance your learning. When working with the whole class, be sure to be quiet when another student is reading or participating in discussion, you must raise your hand to ask any questions or to expand on anything that is said. 

    Students are expected to study their notes in addition to any other homeowork that is assigned.


    Communication: If you need to reach me outside of the classroom, you can email me at john.wise@marion.k12.fl.us


    Food, Candy, Gum, and Drinks in Class: The only food or drink allowed in the classroom is water and gum. 



    When you are in the classroom, cell phones must be put away and remain out of sight for the remainder of the class period. However, there may be times when I will allow students to use their electronic devices in class. If any student is found using their device for anything other than what is allowed, that student will lose their electronic privileges in class.



    For this class, you will need the following:

    • A composition notebook. You will use this notebook to take notes, complete journal entries, and to work on grammar or other in-class assignments.
    • A pencil or pen (must be blue or black ink for ease of reading)
    • Your planner, to write down assignments.
    • A book that you are currently reading. If you do not have a book, you can check one out at the library or use the books that I provide in my classroom. If you read one of my books, keep in mind that unless I tell you otherwise, you may not take that book out of my classroom.

    As 7th grade students preparing for 8th grade and then onto high school, you are expected to take responsibility for having your supplies every day. Every once in a while, you might forget something to write with or perhaps your composition notebook. In that case, it is still your responsibility to fix that problem (perhaps asking to borrow supplies from another student in class or asking myself, but keep in mind, if you borrow a pencil from me, I may ask for something of yours to hold onto until that pencil is returned to me.


    LATE WORK...



    REGULAR: Work turned in late will receive 50% deducted from the overall grade earned by the student. Work is considered late if it is turned in anytime after the due date, unless the student was absent on the day of the due date.

    Remember, if you are absent on the day that an assignment is given, you will have the same amount of days to complete it as other students. After that time passes, it will be late.