• which way Week of 8/20/18

    Monday, 8/20. Topic: Stone Age. Continue working through Stone Age, Lesson 1, the Early People. Students will be learning new vocabulary and reading through pages 30-34 in the textbook.  

    Tuesday, 8/21. Topic: Human Migration.  We'll continue reading through pages 30-34 and list the achievements of the Stone Age people in the folders. Then students will rank the achievements and defend their rankings to each other and then in a paragraph. Finally, we'll make small story board illustrations of some of the achievements of the Stone Age people.  HW: Re-read pp. 31-34, answer #3a, 4a, and 4b on page 34. (All answers must be written out in complete sentences that clearly restates the question.)

    Wed/Thurs Block. Topic: Human Migration. Today we'll examine the migration routes in Google Earth. Then students will complete a world map that shows all the migration routes of the early humans. HW: Read pp. 36-39, answer #1a, 1b, and 2a on p. 39. 

    Friday, 8/24. Topic: Review and Quiz. Students will review what we've learned this week and take a short 10 question quiz.