• Week of 8/13/18

    Stone age fire Monday, 8/14. Topic: Policies and procedures. We'll go over how things are done in class, the syllabus and leadership roles. Then we'll set up folders. I have enough folders to supply them to students who don't have their own. No HW.

    Tuesday, 8/15/17. Topic: Unit 1, Lesson 1, Stone Age. Students will begin by discussing the essential question, then copying the vocabulary into their folders. If time permits we'll begin reading pages 30-34 in the textbook, with an eye on the specific achievements of the Stone Age people. No HW. 

    Wed/Thurs Block. Topic: Achievements of the Stone Age people. Students will be receiving their textbooks today for all their classes. Textbooks are to remain at home for homework. We have a class set here for them to use. We'll continue reading through pages 30-34 and list the achievements of the Stone Age people in the folders. Then students will rank the achievements and defend their rankings to each other and then in a paragraph. Finally,we'll make small story board illustrations of some of the achievements of the Stone Age people. No HW. 

    Friday, 8/18. Topic: Review and quiz. We'll review what we've done so far this week and then students will take a short 10 question quiz. If time permits  they will work on a textbook scavenger hunt activity.  No HW.