• Into the Home Stretch!


    Students should be bringing home their Math FSA Study Guide every night to complete and/or study from.  

    We will be working on it together in class.  MOST of the grades for the fourth quarter will come from this study guide!  Some pages will count as a test grade and others will count as a class grade.  It is important that students pay attention in class, fill this in completely and accurately, and they must show their work on the study guide.

    Students MUST know their basic math facts (x ÷ + -) by now, so if they are still struggling please work on those with them at home.  This is a skill that they should have learned in the 3rd grade.  Everything they do will be based upon their basic math facts, so if they don't know them, they will only continue to be frustrated with math and struggle.


    Parents, please take the time to stay up to date on your child's assignments and grades in their online portal.  If you have not signed up to view their gradebook online, please do so as soon as possible.  I try to keep the gradebook updated as quickly as possible.  If the assignment says missing, it simply means I have not graded it yet.  If there is a 0, then your child is missing that assignment.

    I do not give extra credit and I do not allow students to wait until the end of the grading period to turn in a bunch of late work to try to boost their grade.  Late assignments lose 1 letter grade for each day they are late, and after 5 days it becomes a 0.

    Parents, please make sure I have an email address for you as that is usually the quickest and easiest way for me to communicate.  An open line of communication is the best way to help meet the needs of the parent, the teacher, and most importantly the student.  Looking forward to making this a great year!


    Testing season is upon us!  The week starting 4/15 will begin testing and the students will have tests every week straight through to the end of the school year (5/24 is the last day for students).  It is important for students to be studying at night and coming to school on time.  They should start each day fresh from a good night's sleep with a healthy breakfast.


    Mr. Cini