Welcome to the Art Room!

  • Hello, and welcome to Fort King Middle School's Visual Arts Classes!  I'm so excited to be teaching at the Fort this year!  This will be my third year at Fort King, and I look forward to an amazing year with some amazing kiddos.  As always, I expect student artists to complete their work with their best effort while following all class, school, and district rules.  A Growth Mindset, Positive Attitude, and Respectful Behavior will help all students succeed in art.


    This year, we're offering Exploring 2D Art and Exploring 3D Art.  There is a syllabus for each class, set rules and procedures, required materials, and a grading system for these courses.


    In addition to 2D and 3D Art Classes, I will be offering an Art Club this school year.  Admittance into the club is determined by merit.  Students must maintain a C average in all classes, and no referrals or they risk suspension or expulsion from the club.  There is a material fee due at the beginning of the year to cover the materials used during club activities.  This year, we're planning several school mural projects as well as individual projects in the Art Room!


     Thank you so much for supporting your child's success!  I look forward to speaking with you throughout the term!  

    Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.


Due Dates