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  •  I am using the Remind communication tool in order to instantly connect with you and your parents. The Remind application can be downloaded to any mobile device or accessed from any desktop computer. You and your parents can send me messages that I can view and respond to via my personal device. I will make an effort to respond in a timely fashion but I will not respond to messages after 9 p.m. I will be sending out class notifications regarding due dates, upcoming tests, reading reminders, etc. via Remind. If you have a question regarding a particular assignment or want to alert me of an upcoming absence, you can reach out to me on Remind and I will assist you accordingly. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to get started. 


    *In addition to Remind, I can be reached via email and through Microsoft Teams (for those doing MCPSonline).


  • Below are the Remind codes for the 2020-2021 school year:


    1st Period (Pre-IB English 1) - @hg4e7d


    2nd Period (English 1) - @gf2g48c


    3rd Period (Pre-IB English 1) - @f7d6ek


    4th Period (Journalism) - @cekc6fe


    5th Period (Pre-IB English 1) - @89gf296


    6th Period (English 1) - @9cg3ke9

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