Forest High School

    Course Syllabus 2017-2018     Pre-Calculus Honors      \Instructor: Mrs. Odelia Wilder

    Textbook: Pre-Calculus with Limits: A Graphing Approach   Larson 5th Edition

    Teacher Website: Forest High Web Site http://www.marionschools.net/fhs

    Course Outline: See teacher website for detailed information.

    Supply list:

    1. TI-84 Graphing I strongly recommend a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition or TI-84 CE. Class/textbook examples use the TI-84 Plus as examples. Students are expected to learn how to use their own graphing calculator.
    2. Pencils and erasers. All work is required to be done in pencil.
    3. Graph Paper, Ruler, colored pen or pencil (to color code notes)
    4. Fine point, low odor dry erase markers with erasers
    5. Any notebook is acceptable as long as it has a pocket.


    Technology: Use of technology (laptop, tablet, calculator) is permitted during class time. Cell phone calculators are NOT allowed during class ever. The use of the technology is restricted to class content, note taking, and applicable downloads. Any abuse will result in disciplinary action and termination of right to use the technology for the remainder of the school year.

    Cell Phones: Unless I ask you to take out your cell phone for class use, they are to remain OUT OF SIGHT and OFF during this class period. First offense will result in your phone being taken to discipline for your parents to pick up.


    Make up work when absent: My web page is up to date for your benefit, so use it.   Students having an absence shall be given the opportunity to make-up in class assignments and tests for full credit. It is the student’s responsibility to make up work within 1 school day of their return. (county policy) This means that by the time we meet again, you have made-up all of your work. If you do not come to school on an “A” or “B” day, that counts as a school day. It is your responsibility to email me and make arrangements for the make-up test. Do not just show up as I may have a meeting and not be in my room. Students are expected to make up class tests, quizzes, etc before school or during CAT period. I am in school by 7:00 AM. So make arrangements to get here by that time.


    Tutoring: Every Wednesday morning from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. During CAT period by appointment only. Students are eligible for tutoring sessions if they are doing ALL of the required course work, including homework, to the best of their ability and still need help understanding the material. Other times by appointment only.


    Grading: It is your responsibility to sign up and keep up with grades on Student/Parent Portal.

    Homework: 10%   Homework will be given daily (this includes Fridays). Students will be responsible for checking their homework from the answer key in the back of the book, website www.calcchat.com (worked out solutions) or the workbooks in class. I will go over any questions a student may have on the homework at the beginning of class. I will check that homework is completedNO WORK = NO CREDIT. If you are absent when I check the homework, then you must hand in the homework by the next class meeting.

    By doing all your homework, you will accumulate bonus points towards your grade at the end of the quarter.  You will only get bonus points if your homework assignment is 100%.

    Daily Homework Quiz, Quizzes, Class work: 40 %   See above make-up policy if you are absent.

    Mid-Chapter, Chapter Tests, and Cumulative Tests 50%       See make-up policy if you are absent.


    • It is imperative that students do the homework assignments to prepare and practice for the graded assignments. These are the opportunities to ask questions, practice without penalty and self evaluate your knowledge.
    • Grades are computed as follows

    Number of Correct Problems/Total Number of Problems = the % correct

    • Grades will not be curved.
    • No late work is accepted. Ample time is provided for all assignments.
    • No retakes are allowed and no extra points are given for required corrections.
    • Occasionally, the class will be given a chance to gain extra points on tests through a bonus problem (on the day of test only, not on make-up test).


    County End-of-Course Exam (LEOCE) will count as 20% of the Final Year Grade.


    Attendance, Discipline, and Dress Code:

    The WILDCAT WAY: Be on time, Be Respectful, Be Prepared!!

    Refer to the Forest High School Code of Student Conduct handbook for rules on discipline, attendance & tardy policy, and dress code enforced in this classroom.

    General Rules.

    1. Be on time. Be present. Be respectful of everyone in this room.
    2. Only water is allowed in class. No other drink or food.
    3. Go to the restroom in between classes. Passes will be given for emergencies only. No restroom passes while I am giving class notes. No restroom passes the last 10 minutes of class.
    4. No sleeping or putting your head down.
    5. You are only working on my assignments during class time. Other work will be confiscated.

    This syllabus is subject to change. Updates are available on the teacher web page.

    Please remember to check the web site for all updated and current information.


    I look forward to a great, successful year.

    Odelia Wilder          Email: odelia.wilder@marion.k12.fl.us        

    Phone: (352) 671-4700

    Please email me or text me through REMIND if you have any questions. When in doubt check my web page.