• When students come to MakerSpace they use their creativity while using a variety of technologies within a design process by being innovative with their designs. We read books and learn vocabulary words related to the engineering and the design process.

    Students are provided with task cards to complete with a partner or team and are able to participate in design challenges.

    Our students use a program called TinkerCad to design 3D objects. Once students have completed a design and it is one they would like to print, we then program the 3D printer to print their design.

    Students have the opportunity to build with Lego© on our gigantic Lego© wall, and program robots (we have three). Students also use computer programs such as Scratch to create games and apps to use on the Makey Makey “electronic wire circuit” system.

    We also use materials such as paper towel and toilet paper rolls to create marble runs, pipe cleaners and straws to create 3D objects, build towers and building designs with cup and blocks. Students also have the opportunity to “tinker” taking apart old computers and other electronics to see how they work. Also, students work with electronic motors creating objects out of Legos, plastic cups, and other objects they can find. 

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