• Greetings, 

    Welcome to Mr. Wagner's Homepage. You will be able to find out more about the courses I teach and me as an instructor as you read through the different pages. 


    I teach Geometry 2nd and 4th and 6th period.



    I teach Honors Algebra 1st, 3rd, and 5th periods.



    Students have access to the online book for Algebra and Geometry as well as a variety of resources to help them navigate the course.

    Some of the resources include online tutorials that cover the topics we discuss in class. If a student is struggling they have access via their skyward e-textbooks to access both videos and content to help them prepare for the class.



    All students have a school account with Khanacademy and can access it through Skyward under the Clever icon. There are alternate videos and problems.

    AlgebraNation will be a resource that all students will utilize from time to time.


    Please check assignment page for updated assignments.


    I am always available for contacting at robert.wagner2@marion.k12.fl.us.


  • A midterm is coming up December 15th to 19th. The following link takes you to the videos we use in this course. http://virtualnerd.com/pre-algebra/all/  

    The topics coveed on the midterm are as follows:

    1. Square roots and cube roots of small perfect squares and perfect cubes. (These questions will be context ortiented)
    2. Solving Equations and determine if they are one solution, no solution, and infinitely many solutions.
    3. Laws of Exponents
    4. Trasnversals and angle pair relationships 
    5. Triangle interior and exterior angle relationships.
    6. Pythagoreans Thoerem and its converse
    7. Volume of spheres, cones, and cylinders

    The above video linke contains short videos to the concepts listed above. Please review as needed to help with your studies.