• This class will emphasize abstract concepts and logical thinking through inductive and deductive reasoning. Students learn how lines, planes, polygons, and three-dimensional figures can be used to represent and solve a variety of abstract and real-world problems. In addition to learning several types of proofs, the skills students learned in Algebra 1 will be revisited, reinforced, and applied throughout this course. The work in this class will help each student understand how all fields of mathematics are intertwined and how they depend upon each other.

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  • A/B-Day Assignments


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  • Course Breakdown:

    1st Nine Weeks

    1. Introduction to Geometry - Points, Lines, and Planes
    2. Introduction to Geometry - Basic Transformations
      • Homework
    3. Angles

    2nd Nine Weeks

    1. Triangles - Part 1
    2. Triangles - Part 2
    3. Right Triangles

    3rd Nine Weeks

    1. Introduction to Polygons - Part 1
    2. Introduction to Polygons - Part 2
      • Homework
    3. Quadrilaterals-Part 1 
    4. Quadrilaterals-Part 2
    5. Properties of Other Polygons 

    4th Nine Weeks

    1. Three-Dimensional Geometry
    2. Circles - Part 1
    3. Circles - Part 2
  • “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

    -Albert Einstein