• Earth Space Science 2017-2018

    Mr. Smith - LWHS


    1. GRADES: The school grading scale is used for determining the final grade average.  The following is a percentage break down used in determining your 9-week average: 

                 40% tests and quizzes, 50% class work and projects, and 10% Homework

          A cumulative exam will be given at the end of each semester and count as double test grade.


    1. READING/KNOWLEDGE QUIZZES will be given periodically to check for comprehension of a reading assignment, homework assignment or a previous day(s) concepts learned.


    1. NOTES will be kept in a notebook/ Composition book they will be checked periodically for a grade. All notebooks will be kept in the room safe and neat! On the shelves. The following order of pages should be followed:
    2.   This information page first. “Table of Contents” where you put the page number and

                 title of each page in your notebook.

    1.   Notes and assignments that are done in the notebook should be in chronological order one page

                 after the other.

    1.   Each page should be numbered and logged into the table of contents when a new session or

                 assignment is started. Do not skip pages and do not write on the backs of pages in case something

                 needs to be added later. Do not tear pages out of the notebook.

    1.   Each new day you write should have a date written on the right side of the page.


    1. EXTRA CREDIT may be offered on an entire class basis, but not on an individual basis.




    • Nature of Scientific Inquiry
    • Introduction to Earth Science
    • Geologic Processes/Earth’s Surface
    • Geologic Processes/Earth’s Interior
    • Meteorology
    • Climatology
    • Oceanography
    • Astronomy
    • Cosmology




    1. BE PREPARED for class. Every day you should have your notebook and a pencil. Do not leave work at home; put it in your book bag and bring it to school!


    1. Bell Work. When the bell rings you should be in your seat, have your notebook opened and working quietly on the warm-up writing from the board until the teacher starts class.


    1. CHEATING/PLAGIARISM in any way is unacceptable and will result in a zero for all parties involved. This includes homework as well as classwork that are copied regardless of whether you worked with or helped one another. You should assume these rules always apply anytime you put your name on a paper as your own work.
    2. MAKE-UP WORK is your responsibility! If you are absent when a previously received assignment is due, you must assume that it will be due the next day you return to school. Immediately upon returning to school from an absence, turn in work due. For makeup work, go to the class website for missed assignments. As a general rule you have 3 days to make up work before it becomes a zero. No work can be turned in after it has been passed back to the class. Missed tests must be made up in a timely manner. E-mail me during your absence if you have questions about assignments on my web site.


    1. LATE WORK is defined as an assignment that is not turned in immediately upon request. Late work can normally be turned in by the beginning of class the next day after it was due for a 20% penalty. No work can be turned in after it has been turned back to the class. Do not work on late work during class unless otherwise told to do so. 


    1. LEAVING CLASS is generally not permitted. Take care of personal business outside of class time. Be responsible...plan ahead! Do not ask to go to the restroom during the first and last 10 minutes of class. You get four emergency pass tickets for RR each 9-weeks. You must sign out when leaving class. Extra credit will be given at the end of a 9-week grading period for RR passes not used.


    1. NO EATING OR DRINKING of any kind will be allowed in the classroom. It is against the law to have food or drink or apply makeup in an area that has a chemical or biological hazard.


    1. TARDIES are defined by school policy. It is against school policy for any student to miss any part of a class while doing work

    in another class. Teachers may not give you permission to miss another class; the only exception being for disciplinary action. A pass from a teacher does not excuse a tardy. Only passes from administrators are excused.


    10.DO NOT HANDLE MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT that may be around the room, on lab tables or on the teacher’s desk.  These things should not be touched without permission.

    11.CELL PHONES, are allowed for educational purposes and activities. However, will be only used for this other than that they will be put AWAY in book bags, pockets or purses and not on the desk or under something. Failure to do so will result in its confiscation till the end school day. The second offense will result in forfeiture to the dean upon which time a parent will have to arrange to retrieve the item.

    If you have any questions or there is something you think I need to know, please contact by phone, 671-4820 or by email, antony.smith@marion.k12.fl.us