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  • Hello everyone,

    Week 7 assignments will be up today (Found in Google Classroom).

    We will be working on a U.S. Government (Civics) lesson for two weeks. 

    There will be a 3 page handout to read and review along with some vocabulary terms. 

    A video of me explaining the handout.

    A quiz on the first half on the content provided.

    This is one of the most important lessons of the year.

    Part 1 is due 5/19/20.

    Best Wishes, 

    Trevor Roberts 

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  • Please check week 3 assignments and follow directions. 


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  • Hello everyone, 
    I have updated all of the grades in skyward, if you see an issue please email me. 
    As of now all coursework (quizzes) will be on Google classroom. I cannot grade quizzes on learnsmart. If you completed the quiz on week 1 in google classroom, this is the grade scale. 
    Answers correct out of 10 
    1-6 = 60%
    9-10 =100%
    If you cannot access google classroom, please email me. 
    If you have not completed the quiz for week 1 in google classroom please complete it. 
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  • Please check week 2 assignments under assignments on this page and see the new assignments on Google Classroom. There will be three assignments for this week posted by the end of day today and due next Tuesday by the end of the day. 


    Best Wishes, 

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  • Hey Learners! 
    In efforts to make things much more simple!
    I have posted the text readings for all of chapter 11 lesson 1 and a quiz in GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 
    If you have been on LEARNSMART I can tell you were there but unfortunately can not see your work due to the process. Under this message will be your class codes for google classroom. please sign on ASAP! 
    If I have seen or heard from you online, I will make sure your grade is good for this 1st week. Please be patient as we get everything good for next week. 
    If you have already completed the work on Learnsmart, do not worry about doing it again. I will hopefully have videos for you next week for lessons and explanations of expectations. I will be also working to help those of you that have accommodations as well. 
    Please email me with any questions or concerns! 
    You can do this! 
    Just be cool! 
    We are learning together! 
    Miss you all and wish you the best in your personal situations. 
    Like always, If you need to talk with me, email me. 
    Find your google classroom code by period. 
    Period 1    ov7js45
    Period 2     lzc2drm
    Period 3      ks2fj5v
    Period 4      4xh53t6
    Period 5      jeeorui
    Period 6      pli2ipt
    Best Regards, 
    Trevor Roberts 
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  • Hello, at this time I currently have 8 learners that have showed activity on Learnsmart. Good job guys! I am working to make this a simple process and will have GOOGLE CLASSROOMS set up as well. Codes will be emailed to your student email as well as posted on here.

    If you are having trouble, the next assignment should be easier to understand along with the process of finding work and submitting. Be patience and check this homepage and student email for all info and anouncments. 

    Thank you and wish you the best! 

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  • Online Text and LearnSmart Login Instructions

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  • The first assignment will be using the online textbook.

    Check Assignments tab. 

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  • Please be sure to check the assignments and calender tab for updated information starting Wednesday 4/1/20. 

    Thank you, 

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