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    Monthly Theme for January: The Winter

    Beyond Centers and Circle Time is a play-based curriculum designed to provide educators with research-based strategies for creating loving, playful, and stimulating experiences for young children. Parents are encouraged to participate by sending in items related to our monthly themes (pictures, books, items beginning with the letter(s) of the month, etc.). Please see below in the section titled Parents.

    The experiences planned for the month of January will focus on winter weather and changes in weather, how animals and plants survive in cold weather, clothing we wear when it's cold, and the concepts of hot/cold, temperature, and the science of water in all states of matter.


    Areas of importance for this theme:

    *Words begnning with the letters of the month Bb, Ww, hard Cc, Kk

    *How trees, plants, and animals prepare for winter weather.

    *How animals such as bears, rabbits, birds, and penguins live in the cold.

    *How water changes from a liquid to a solid.

    *Changing weather temperatures

    * Dressing for cold weather

    Colors: shades of blue and white

    Shapes: Octagon

    Letter Focus: Bb, Hard Cc, Ww, Kk

     Vocabulary: words found in the descriptions and behaviors of animals and winter weather. (hibernation, camouflage, snow, ice, sleet, frost, temperature, thermometer, etc.)


    Parents: Here's how you can get involved.

    If you have books or pictures about any subject pertaining to the winter months you would like your child to share we would love to have them. If you have pictures or objects that begin with the letters Bb hard Cc, Ww or Kk please send those in too. We use them for literacy circle (All items sent in from home will be safely stored in a ziploc baggie with your child's name on it until the end of the month and returned to you).


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