• Wecome to Pre-K with Ms. Piperato and Mrs. Hill


    Monthly Theme: Our Theme for December and January: The Winter

    The experiences planned for the months of December and January will focus on weather, the clothing we wear when it's cold, the concepts of hot and cold, and animals such as bears and what they do during the winter months. December and the first week of January we will look at the changes in the weather, the clothing that we wear in the winter, and tree and plants and how they prepare for and survive the winter months. The last three weeks of January will look at animals and how they survive the cold winter months.

    Vocabulary Words: hibernation, snow, ice, temperature, thermometer, frost, liquid, solid

    Colors: White and Shades of Blue

    Shapes: Sphere, Circle, Triangle, Octagon

    Letter Focus: Bb Cc Hh Ww

    If you have any books, pictures, or objects associated with winter we would love for you to send them in for Sharing Circle.