• Biology Syllabus 2020-2021

    Course Description and Goals

    My goal is that every student will receive the opportunity to learn in a welcoming, comfortable, and professional learning environment. Students will learn content in areas ranging from the Nature of Science and Cell Structure to Ecology and Human Body Systems, amongst many others. This course is a discussion, interactive, and application based course with the goal of preparing all students for success on the Biology EOC Exam at the conclusion of the year. 


    Students must have access to a device of some form in order to successfully be able to turn in assignments and access Microsoft Teams for communcation and assignment updates. There are no other specific supply items I am requiring at this time. In the event we are able to conduct labs at some point, I strongly suggest purchasing your own safety glasses. Please hold off on that for the time being as we wait and see if this is a plausible option for our class down the road. 

    Class Format, Rules and Policies

    1. Be fair, courteous, and equitable to others

    2. Treat everyone with respect, including yourself

    3. There will be no food or drink permitted in class at any time unless you have a medical condition stating you are permitted to do so (i.e. Diabetes, low blood sugar, etc.)

    On that note, with water fountains being shut down due to COVID-19, you will be permitted to bring a water bottle (with a cap that closes tightly). The water bottle must only contain water, not another type of drink. 

    4. Restroom breaks will only be permitted during the mid-block break (which I will cover on Day 1 of class). You will only be permitted to use the restroom outside of this time if it is an absolute emergency, so please, use the restroom during class transition time.

    5. There will be NO cell phone use* of any kind permitted in my classroom unless I designate you are able to do so  (i.e. Mid-block breaks, work on an assignment, access a YouTube lecture/Demo, research a topic for class, etc.)

    *Even when I permit cell phone use, you must have at least a 'C' average in the class to have this privilege.

    6. Social Distancing guidelines will be in effect. You must remain in your area at all times unless otherwise designated by me. 

    7. ALL Assignments will be due on Friday of each week. There are no exceptions to this rule. This rule is in place to give all students adequate time to complete each assignment and maximize their learning experience for each section. 

    Additional Information

    Florida Statute 1003.47 Biological Experiments on living subjects.

    1(a) Dissection may be performed on nonliving mammals or birds secured from a recognized source of such specimens and under supervision of qualified instructors. Students may be excused upon written request of a parent.


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  • Bio: Intro to Genetics

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  • Bio: Mendel and Intro to Genetics

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  • Thinking Skills: List of Fallacies

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  • Bio: Mid-Term Study Guide

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