• Balancing Chemical Equations

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  • JV Baseball: Home Workouts

    All workouts are meant to be done without the use of weights as everyone may not have access to them during this time. If you do have access to weights at home, you are welcome to add them in as you see fit. For any weighted exercises in this program, empty milk jugs may be filled with water (8lbs each) or sand (roughly 12-13 lbs). The workouts are also designed with supersets in mind. This means that during your 'rest' period from the first exercise, you are completing the second. Please allow at least a 60 second rest interval bewteen each super set. You may add sets and reps as needed for additional intensity. This program is a basic guidleine. 



    W/NW= wieghted or non-weighted


    Exercises                                                  Sets/Reps

    1. Jump Squats (W or NW)*                       4/10-15

    1. Push ups                                              4/failure

    2. Standing broad jumps                           4/10

    2. Planks                                                  4/30-60 seconds

    3. Lateral/Front Delt raise combo**            4/10

    3. Russian twists (W)                                 4/20 per side


    Tues-Thurs-Sat                                        Sets/Reps

    1. Squat to curl to overhead press***        4/10

    1. Leg lifts (90 degrees)****                     4/20-25

    2. Flys on ground (W jug)                          4/10-15

    2. Reverse flys (W jug)*****                     4/10-15

    3. Walking lunges (W/NW)                         4/25-40 yards

    3. Push ups                                              4/failure

    *Jump Squats: holding weights at your side, squat down, being sure to keep your chest up and postured, explode upward. Be sure to cushion your landing after each jump as the goal here is height not speed. Treat each rep as an individual exercise. 

    **Lateral/front Delt raise combo: holsing jugs at your side, lift them directly out to side, bring back to sides, then hoist jugs stright out in front of you. Be sure to not lift the jugs above the shoulder line

    ***Squat to curl to overhead press: with milk jugs at side, squat down; as you come out of your sqaut, curl the jugs as ypu would a dumbbell, then press the jugs to the sky over head. Lower the jugs, complete a the negative move of the curl, and then repeat the squat and do again. Treat each move as separate.

    ****Leg lift: While lying on the ground, lift your legs (feet together) straight above you until your legs measure 90 degress to the ground.

    *****Reverse flys: bend over at the waist to about 45-60 degress, Holding the jugs directly below your chest, raise them up until you feel your shoulder blades pinch your spine. 


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