• Hello, students!  


    ASSIGNMENTS: REMEMBER - check Mrs. Davis-Hadley's (and all teachers') WEBSITES! 

    GRADES:  To get credit, you must TURN IN YOUR WORK to all your teachers!!

    • Mrs. Davis-Hadley needs pgs. 391,397,403, and 409 sent to her at 352-559-9382

    Teacher Email Addresses can be found on the school's homepage -

    • Go to Marionschools.net/bms
    • Click on Faculty & Staff - Choose the email address you want
    • Also, you can click on Teacher Websites to get all info on the Teacher Homepage & Assignments

    If you have questions or NEED HELP WITH YOUR WORK, you may reach me by: 

    My Office hours are from 9:00am - 3:45pm so email or call me between these hours.  Otherwise, I'll return answer your email or return your call by the next day.


    AGAIN! - Check your TEACHER'S WEBSITES!!  Many teachers post their Assignments there.  Read their TEACHER HOMEPAGE for any and all information you will need to know. TURN IN YOUR WORK TO GET CREDIT!


    Stay healthy - Mrs.Patrick