• May -June 1, 2020


    Good morning Greenway Gators, This is our last week of school and it has been a bumpy ride. Thank you parents and students for staying on the bus and taking this journey with me. It has been my pleasure to have taken this ride on the Energy Bus with each and everyone of you. I am very proud of the success and progress you have all shown. You are alll going to make outstandiing fourth graders. If you do not do but one thing over the summer to continue learning remember to READ,READ, READ!!!!! I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces in August when we return to school. Until then stay safe and enjoy the summer. While you are enjoying the summer remember to stay safe. Parents, I am leaving you with safety tips,advice, and resources(videos) you can log into if you need more tips or advice on how to stay summer safe. Know that I care and I am here for continued support if you need me or have questions. Love, Ms Jarvis----- https://safersmarterfamilies.org/familysafetyplan/resource and another resource is Laurenskids.org.


    Students need to successfully complete 3 assignments each in reading and math . These can be a mix of I-ready (math and reading), ReadWorks (reading) and the Kahn Academy (math). They also need to complete 1 Social Studies Weekly activity and 1 Science Weekly Activity. Here's where we are in our resources:

    Read works - Complete one article with questions

    I-Ready - Strive to pass 3 lessons in I-Ready Reading and I-Ready Math

    Kahn Academy-  Continue Data

    Social Studies Weekly - Week 26

    Science Weekly - Week 6 Life Science


    Note to Parents:

    Parents, your student can access their login time and the lessons they have passed on I-Ready. Their goal is to pass 3 lessons every week. I-Ready is individualized to your student, so it adjusts to your student's performance.  

    Stay safe and let's continue learning!

    Ms. Jarvis 






    Social Studies:



    This week (week 24) we will read a true story about an immigrant who has lived the "American Dream ". Read the story and answer the 3 questions about the story.




  • Math:

    Khan Academy


    We will be using the Kahn Academy website and I-Ready math

    For Kahn:

    Our class code is 4NWSUZ64

    I have entered your names, when you visit the site you can find your name and use your Marion County password. 

    Activities have been assigned to you on the website - we will continue to work on data. 

    The videos on Kahn are excellent. 

    This website will bump you up in levels as you show proficiency.


    For I-Ready Math:

    Remember I want to see passed lessons - not just minutes

    When you have passed 3 lessons you may logon to Prodigy.





    Visit: Read Works Website

    Enter Class Code: TTRRKU

    Enter the default password: 1234

    You have the option to change to your Marion county password when you login


    Choose I- Ready or an article from ReadWorks. Your Goal is to pass 3 reading lessons a week. YOU CAN DO IT!

    You may pick any article of the day that I have assigned. Write your assignments on the ReadWorks.org site by clicking on the open book and typing there. I will be able to read your answers.

    I have also opened the library on ReadWorks - please read 20 minutes a day

  • Science:

    Marion County Public School StudiesWeekly

    Go to the Marion County MCPS Desktop and find the Studies Weekly section.

    Go the Life Science Week 4 Read: "Animal Kingdom"

    Then answer the 3 questions.