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    Hello and welcome to the 2017/2018 school year at North Marion Middle School.

    I will be teaching Advanced Life Science for 7th grade and Pysical Science for 8th grade.


  • 8th grade students, please bring in 2 bags of skittles (individuals size and one bag of m&M's for lab on atoms this coming Thursday and Friday

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  • We have spent the last few weeks reviewing some basic concepts in science such as the Scientific Method, measurement, and models.

    Beginning next week we will be moving into new units

    7th Grade Advanced Life Science- will be learning about the cell theory and organization of life.

    8th Grade Physical Science will be learning about Matter and how it classified.

    Power points will be posted next week after the unit begins.

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  • Students have been learning about the Scientific method, designing, implimenting, collecting data, analyzing data and drawing conculsions on both hypothetical experiments and actual experiments in the class.

    We have completed a penny experiment, airplane experiment and today we are creating a boat to foat metal washers from tin foil and cardboard.


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  • There will be a unit test on the Nature of Science. Wednesday September 6th.

    The study guide can be found under assignments

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  • Please be prepared the first day with something to write with and something to write on!

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