• We are in need of the following items:




    *Odds and Ends (Such as sequins, buttons, ribbon)

    *Things to trace (Big Puzzle Pieces, Keys, Nuts and Bolts)

    *Appropriate Reference/Coffee Table books.  (Nature is a great topic)

    *How to draw books (Step by Step)

    *Copy paper reams

    *Adult style coloring books


    *Oragami or scrapbooking paper


    All donations can be delivered to the front office or be sent in with your child.  Thank you so much!  


    Mrs. Cavalier

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  • Kindergarten reads The Dot...

    First Art Project.

    "Just make a mark and see where it takes you..."

    you can do it

    "Our dots make quite a splash!"

    Lots of dots

    Big dots, little dots, red dots, blue dots, even rainbow swirl dots...

    What does your dot look like?

    Where will your dot take YOU?

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  • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

    Grades 2-5 collaborate on discussing safety in our studio.  Why is it important to consider what we are working with and how we should handle it?  Well, ask your artist...They will tell you.


    Glue, Markers, Scissors, Paint, Clean Up... What is your safety poster going to say?

    Thinking hard

    Everybody has a say in why we need to be safe in our studio. 

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