• Math for College Readiness Virtual School

    Assignments for 4/6-4/10

    8.2a-Worksheet                   8.2b-Worksheet

    8.2a-Video                          8.2b-Video

    8.2a-Notes                          8.2b-Notes

    Assignments for 4/1-4/3


    8.1a-Worksheet                    8.1b - Worksheet

    8.1a-Video                             8.1b-Video

    8.1a-Notes                             8.1b-Notes



    This class should not add stress to your life.   Some students have begun turning in assignments, Thank You.  The ONLY thing you will be graded on is completing and turning in the weekly worksheets.  If you don’t have access to a printer, write the problems, work, and answers on a blank sheet of paper. To get credit for your work, whether you print out the worksheet or write it out, take a picture of your work and email it to me using your school email account.  I will not be meeting through zoom at this time. If you need help or have any questions about using my webpage for distance learning, please let me know through email.



    Your NOTES for each section, VIDEOS explaining how to do a specific concept, and WORKSHEETS will be posted through this webpage. The work and answers for the worksheets will be turned in through email.  Take a picture of the completed worksheet and insert it into an email.They must be turned in using your school email account to receive credit.  The SUBJECT LINE in your email should contain:




     If you have any questions send me an email at  Timothy.Gehrsitz@marion.k12.fl.us 


    Senior Questions?

    If any  senior student has questions they might have regarding credits, GPA, testing. graduation, PLATO , etc.  Email Coletta.garraway-donovan@marion.k12.fl.us 
























    Please Disregard Information Below 



    Weighting for state mandated End of Course(EOC) exams will be 30% of students final grade and Comprehensive Standards Mastery Assements(CSMAs) will be 20% of students final grade. 

    CSMA Reference Sheet

    CSMA Review 1          CSMA Review 2

    Email Mr. G 


    Semester Exam Review 



    Math for College Readiness HOMEWORK Assignments 


    Chapter 1


    1-1        Problems 1-55odd

    1-2        Problems 1-95odd

    1-3        Problems 1-109odd

    1-4        Problems 1-107odd

    1-5        Problems 1-77odd


    Chapter 2


    2-1        Problems 1-63odd

    2-2        Problems 1-69odd

    2-3        Problems 1-53odd

    2-4        Problems 1-43odd


    Chapter 3


    3-1        Problems 1-61odd

    3-2        Problems 1-65odd

    3-3        Problems 1-59odd

    3-4        Problems 1-53odd

    3-5        Problems 1-19odd

    3-6        Problems 1-63odd


    Chapter 4


    4-1        Problems 1-37odd

    4-2        Problems 1-25odd

    4-3        Problems 1-31odd

    4-4        Problems 1-47odd

    4-5        Problems 1-31odd


    Chapter 5


    5-1         Problems 1-73odd

    5-2         Problems 1-59odd

    5-3         Problems 1-77odd

    5-4         Problems 1-51odd


    Chapter 6


    6-1          Problems 1-65odd

    6-2          Problems 1-43odd

    6-3          Problems 1-37odd

    6-4          Problems 1-53 odd

    6-5          Problems 1-61odd


    Chapter 7


    7-1          Problems 1-35odd

    7-2          Problems 1-49odd

    7-3          Problems 1-53odd

    7-5          Problems 1-49odd


    Chapter 8


    8-1          Problems 1-33odd

    8-2          Problems 1-29odd


    Chapter 9


    9-1          Problems 1-83odd

    9-2          Problems 1-79odd

    9-3          Problems 1-65odd

    9-4          Problems 1-79odd