• The ELA curriculum for Grade 5 consists of learning sequences in which standards are clustered and students are engaged through reading, speaking, listening, language and writing standards. As students are engaged through the learning sequence, they will:

    • Read and comprehend literature and informational text building in complexity.

    • Write routinely over varied time frames (in all subjects) for multiple purposes, tasks and audiences.

    • Engage in a range of collaborative discussions on various topics and texts to share knowledge and experiences, building upon one another’s ideas, and referring to the text for support.

    • Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English including grammar, usage, and mechanics while learning ways to use language to convey meaning effectively.

    • Determine/clarify meaning of grade-appropriate words encountered through listening, reading, and use.

    The Curriculum Map is a guide that references the alignment of Language Arts Florida Standards. It includes suggested topics and resources. The Curriculum Map is only a recommended guide, school leaders and teachers make the final decision regarding the pacing of the program and the creation of lesson plans that are based on student data and student needs.

    Scope 1

    Scope 2

    Scope 3