• Expectations for Extra Credit Projects- Both 7th and 8th Grade

    • The directions for each quarterly extra credit assignment are explicit- so work that shows directions have not been followed, or work that is incomplete receive ZERO credit.
    • If work is sloppy or directions were not followed, none of the work will be scored.
      • Pay attention to the directions for each assignment.
      • If the choice says design/create a poster, that means to get a poster board from the store.
      • If the directions say to type up a quiz, you must type on the computer and then print.
      • If directions say to use color and graphics, but you have no color or pictures- its a zero.
    • Quarterly extra credit is given out the same week as progress reports and they are due shortly before the end of quarter, which gives students at least 3 weeks to complete.
    • These will NOT be accepted late. Period. For any reason. If project is forgotten on the last available day, it is a zero. If you are absent, take pictures of project and email it to me.
      • This will serve as a way to show me your project was done on time, before the due date.
      • You would bring your project in when you come back to school.
    • Only one copy of the assignment will be provided, if the paper gets lost or destroyed, it will be your responsibility to look at the assignment on this website.


    ***Please keep in mind this is EXTRA credit***

    These are not mandatory assignments and because they are not mandatory, guidelines and expectations will be STRICTLY adhered to for credit to be received.

    • These assignments have the possibility of raising a student anywhere from 1 to 10 percentage points. That is the equivalent of say a 50 to a 60%.
    • If your child is at a 32% in my class, this project will NOT earn him/her a passing grade for the quarter. However, it will increase their grade to help them with their average for the year.
    • This is the only extra credit opporutnity that will be consistently provided.
    • If you or your child asks what can be done to increase their grade, these projects will be my answer.
    • The project will be distributed after progress reports and will be due the week before the end of the quarter- this gives students approximately 3 weeks to complete the project.

Parent Discussion

  • Parent HW = Extra Credit !!

    Posted by:

    Hello Parents!!

    Welcome to either 7th Advance or 8th Grade Pre-Algebra. I would love for both you and your child to become familiar with my website. I have attached an extra credit opportunity for your child to complete (it was also handed out Friday 8/17 on paper). The assignment will be due the following Friday 8/24. To get extra credit from this post, I need you to do the following: 

    1. Create a post stating your name, your child's name and the course they are taking (7th advance or 8th regular).

    2. State in a complete sentence that you and your child have worked through the website scavenger together. 

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