•  Harry Potter the Guinea Pig

    Harry Potter the Guinea Pig

    Harry Potter the Guinea Pig was acquired through the Pets in Classroom grant in 2015. His birthday is February 14th and he is about 3 years old.

    He is a typical American Guinea Pig with white, black, and a patch of tan fur. At the moment, Harry is a tad overweight because he loves eating fresh fruit, vegetables, and hay all day long. We walk him daily so he can get a proper amount of exercise.

    Harry Potter has a friendly temperament which makes him a great classroom buddy. All students are welcome to cuddle with him (during the appropriate time) and students are involved in his day-to-day care. This includes cleaning his pen, feeding him, bathing him, etc.

    Our Guinea Pig is an integral part of our classroom environment. He provides the students with something to love and care for. By being involved with his direct care, students learn responsibility and the basics on providing care for a living creature.

    Harry Potter the Guinea Pig is also a reoccurring character in our weekly writing assignments!