• Welcome Back Students and Parents/Guardians!


    ...and welcome to distance learning at MCPS. I hope that through these challenging times, you have been able to prioritize quality family and down time together. This unique time has been, and will continue to be, a time that you will have much more flexibility and opportunity for self-direction in learning, and to more deeply or fully engage with where your own curiosity leads you with your schooling.


    MCPS's first priority is the health and safety of all of us - students, families, and employees.  Please continue to take care of yourself, the people you love, and people that may benefit from your care and support.  Take time to pursue your passions and make connections while learning at home.  Remote learning is something that is new for all of us and we are all learning as we go.  We are living in an extraordinary time within a reality that looks drastically different than it did a week ago. 


    This is a time more than ever to be mindful of your interests, to attune to your own motivation, and to engage and enrich your own learning.  To that end, the link below will take you to the National Association for Gifted Children website.  There you will find information and resources to support you during this unprecedented time during COVID-19. 




    Your gifted services are not discontinued but are available through the MCPS and ESE Distance Learning Plans.  The Gifted program is still, or perhaps especially, a support through this new distance learning experience.  I will be posting plenty of resources for you and your families in the near future. 


    If you have any questions about:  the nitty gritty - attendance, communication, etc. - simply inquire and I will get back to you or meet with you electronically; educational opportunities available during this time - as I receive information about available services I will provide details below, or need/want extra attention to talk, review your short or long range plans, or anything else - I am available.  So, whereever you are as you read this, know that we are connected now more than ever, although at the recommended social distancing guidelines!


    Take advantage of your freedom of choice during this time to create in-depth, complex, meaningful connections to your interests and learning!  Most importantly, stay concentrated and focused on your work and do not slack off!


    Stay healthy!  Please contact me if you need anything!