Syllabus - Computer Applications in Business 1

  • Computer Applications in Business 1

    2017-2018 Course Syllabus

    6th Grade


    Instructor: Mrs. Sandy Welch


    Phone:  (352) 671-4725    Building 4 Room #111

    Computer Applications in Business 1 will assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers in the Business Management and Administration career cluster. The content includes keyboarding, word processing, electronic presentation, computer hardware, Internet, introduction to spreadsheets, and skills for business applications.



    Students will use the following programs:

    Google Classroom

    Microsoft Office 2016

    Nitro Type

    Applied Educational Systems



    Set of ear buds or headphones

    Sanitizing wipes (optional) - used for cleaning the keyboards



    Students’ grades will be determined by the following:

    Homework/Notebook                         10%

    Classwork/Quizzes                              50%

    Tests & Projects                                    40%


                               “Five Falcon Guidelines”

    1. Be on time and ready to learn when class begins.
    2. Be prepared and on task.
    3. Be a polite and positive participant.
    4. Strive for excellence and always do your best.
    5. Respect the rights and property of others.



    Each minute I have with you is very important therefore the following procedures will be followed every day. At the beginning of class you should place your backpack against the wall and then take your assigned seat. You should then sign on to your computer and start the bell ringer exercise.


    Obey all Fort King Middle School rules.


    Do not touch anyone else’s computer, keyboard, or mouse while they are working. It is very easy to hit the perfect combination of keys and delete someone else’s hard work.


    Please do not change any of the software settings used on the computers.  This includes such things as colors, patterns, backgrounds, and options. The settings are created to maximize the efficiency of our computers and adjustments to these settings can cause conflict with some of our software.  

    The Internet should not be accessed during class unless given specific permission by your teacher to do so.

    We want to be good stewards of our equipment therefore gum, candy, food, and drinks are prohibited in the lab. 

    Once a computer is turned on, please leave it on. It takes a few minutes for the computer to reboot after being turned off and that can use up priceless class time. All computers will be turned off at the end of the day.


    Bathroom procedures – Students are to use the bathroom during the change of classes.  Dropping your backpack off in class before using the bathroom does not give you an automatic excused tardy if you are not in your seat before the bell. 


    In the event students need to leave classroom, they must appropriately complete the sign out page and receive a pass given by the teacher.  


    Dismissal at the end of class – It is important that the computers are ready for the next class coming in therefore, you must close all computer applications that you have been using and sign off.  Please clean your area by throwing away all trash that you have generated and put things back when you are finished including keyboard, mouse, pencil, and chair. Computers should be left as you found them when you came in. When the classroom is in order and all students are in their seats, the teacher will dismiss you to leave.


    Students will be expected to:

    • Demonstrate positive character traits (kindness, trust, honesty).
    • Demonstrate productive character traits (patience, thoroughness, hard work).
    • Demonstrate a level of concern for others.



    Consequences result because you choose not to conduct yourself as expected.  Please make good choices.  You are responsible for the above expectations.  If you are unable to make appropriate choices the Student Code of Conduct will be followed.

    At scheduled times parents will receive a copy of student's grades in this class. Please note that parents and students have access to grades at any time using Skyward. If you have lost or misplaced your access password, please contact Student Services.  Grades will be updated regularly.



                                        90  -  100                    A

                                        80  -   89                     B

                                        70  -   79                     C

                                        60  -   69                     D

                                          0  -   59                      F


    It is the student’s responsibility to check my website for work that was missed.



    I am always available to any student or parent requesting additional assistance.  Please feel free to call me at the school (352) 671-4725, or e-mail me at