District Anti-Bullying Resources

  • Bullying prevention:

    Law Enforcement Report


    Code of Conduct and bullying:

    Code of Conduct


    School resources:

    Anti-Bully Pledge

    Tip Sheet

    Additional Consideration 

    Stress Management topics known to reduce stress and improve learning

    • Deep Breathing (Use of the breathing pattern 4-7-8, repeated three times will calm those that use it. 4-7-8 refers to breathing in for four seconds, holding that breath for seven seconds, and exhaling for eight seconds. This pattern will disrupt negative thought patterns and set the emotions on neutral.)
    • Color schemes (Blues and greens have a calming effect, but mostly blue)
    • Sound (Baroque music, primal sounds from water, birds, waves, wind)
    • Scent (lavender, sandalwood, vanilla - calming affects)
    • Lighting (1:3 ratio between height of windows and depth of room)
    • Room arrangement (FENG SHUI)
    • Brain Breaks


    *Note: An administrator of a middle school in Jacksonville found that bullying was reduced by 90% after implementing a classroom management format provided by: Time To Teach - which uses research based classroom management compiled over 50 years.