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  • What to do:

    • Keep your composure and remain calm. Your child is reaching out to you for guidance and help. Confidently assure your child that you will work with the school to make certain the situation is handled appropriately, and that your child will be safe.
    • Remain calm, neutral, and supportive while empathizing with, and acknowledging your child’s feelings.
    • Ask your child who was involved, and what happened? Where and when did the incident take place? Was this the first incident involving the other student(s)?
    • Contact the Student Services Manager (formerly known as a Dean) at the school to share what your child reported as soon as possible.


    Once The Situation Has Been Reported:

    • The Student Services Manager will keep you informed of the status of the situation, and may open a Bullying and Harassment Investigation. Expect to hear from the Student Services Manager in a timely manner as to the results of the investigation. 
    • If you are not satisfied with the progress of the investigation, or have further questions, contact the Assistant Principal of Discipline.
    • Understand that information about another student, or their disciplinary consequences, cannot be discussed with you.
    • You will receive a follow-up letter in the mail that outlines the steps taken during the investigation.


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