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    AICE Classical Studies: Summer Reading Assignments:

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    Chapter 3: The Delight of Wine “Greek Culture”

    1. What factors made wine production possible?
    2. How did Greeks during the time of Alexander the Great view Persian (Asian) society?
    3. How was Western civilization influenced by the Greeks?
    4. How did the Greeks judge how “cultured” a person was?
    5. Explain the ritual of “symposion.”
    6. Why were wine and water important to each other?
    7. How did symposion reflect Greek culture?
    8. How did Plato view democracy?
    9. How did Plato’s symposion differ from a normal Greek symposion?
    10. How do archeologists know about the “far reaching influence of Greek customs & values?”

    Chapter 4: The Imperial Wine “Roman Culture”

    1. How did the Romans assimilate to Greek culture?
    2. Wine production expanded at the expense of what other crop?
    3. How did Rome try to control the luxurious tastes of its richest citizens?
    4. How did a Roman convivium compare to a Greek symposium?
    5. How did Christianity and Islam view wine?
    6. How was Europe divided over wine & beer drinking?
    7. How do the Greek symposium & the Roman convivium influence modern western culture?

    Overall Evaluation of Greek and Roman Culture with wine:

    How did wine culture from Greek and Roman society impact today’s society?