• All English in Literature exams are based on two things:  the skills you have learned from Mr. Hampton(?), Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Blair AND a thorough understanding of each of the following texts – the plot (what happens), the characters (their relationships, failings, dreams, desires…) and HOW the author wrote it (structure, vocabulary, tone….).


    1. Selected Short Stories (12), by various authors - Paper 3

    2. Selected Poems (20), by Robert Frost - Paper 3

    3. Philadelphia, Here I Come, by Brian Friel - Paper 4 

    4. Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare - Paper 4

    5. Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen - Paper 5

    6. Richard II, by William Shakespeare - Paper 5

    7. No specific readings - Paper 7




    ASSIGNMENT 1          

    You have the Robert Frost poetry packet on Mr. Brewer’s website (twenty poems),one novel (Northanger Abbey), one short play (Philadelphia, Here I Come), and the short story packet (also on Mr. Brewer’s website) to read over the summer.  The Shakespeare plays are not assigned for summer reading, but it would do you good to read them – or at least read summaries of them so you have background before we get to them in class.

    Selected Poems                                                by Robert Frost

    You will memorize three of the Robert Frost poems. You will have a quiz each week during the first three weeks of school:  week 1-  the shortest poem, week 2- the mid-length poem, and week 3- the longest poem.

    You will write the poems correctly from memory – spelling, punctuation, page set-up, et al.  If the line is perfect, you get credit.  If there is a mistake, you do not.  The third poem must be longer than twenty lines.  You must choose poems from the poetry packet on Mr. Brewer’s website.  If you choose a poem not on this AICE list, you will not get credit.  You have all summer to practice. 

    Read the poetry.  Choose three poems to memorize.  One should be short, one should be long (over twenty lines), and one is your choice of length.




    ASSIGNMENT 2            With the prose material, you will pick two of the three remaining readings and complete them.  These are due the third calendar day of school.  Even if you have a myriad of schedule changes and don’t make it to class the first two days, they are still due.  You can deliver them to me in 3/201.


    Philadelphia, Here I Come                                                              by Brian Friel

    Read the play.  Make a diary entry for Kate Doogan the day Gar does not ask for her hand in marriage. Two pages typed.


    Northanger Abbey                                                                           by Jane Austen

    Read the novel. Make a comparison character chart of the significant men in the novel.  Be certain to include any changes or growth in the characters.


    Short Stories (Six stories count as one reading)                    by various authors

    Read the stories.   For one of these stories, you will make a graphic novel. (Essentially, a comic book version of the story).  You will create a Freytag pyramid for each of the other five.


    ALL work should be typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins and ARIAL 11.  Do Not, Do Not use Times New Roman.  I really dislike that font.


    The first week of school you will work on a new (and different) assignment for the literary work you did not pick during the summer.


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