You have two novels, one short play and poetry to read.  Once you have read them all, you will memorize three poems from Robert Frost.

    You will have a quiz each week during the first three weeks of school. You will write the poems down correctly – spelling, punctuation, page set-up….. 

    With the prose material, you will pick two assignments of the three remaining and complete them.   These are due the second day of class.

    The first week of school you will work on a new (and different) assignment for the literary work you did not pick during the summer.

    Selected Poems                 by Robert Frost

    Read the poetry.  Choose three poems to memorize.  One should be short (ten lines or fewer); one should be medium (eleven to twenty lines) and one should be long (over twenty lines). 

    Philadelphia, Here I Come           by Brian Friel

    Read the play.  Make a diary entry for Kate Doogan the day Gar does not ask for her hand in marriage.

    Emma                                    by Jane Austen

    Read the novel. Make a comparison character chart of the significant men in the novel.  Be certain to include any changes.

    House of Mirth                    by Edith Wharton

    Read the novel.  Make a Plotline of the significant incidents in the novel and the reasons they are significant incidents.


    Robert Frost Poetry Packet