• AICE Literature in English- Summer Reading Assignment 2023-2024 School Year

    Disclaimer: One or more texts assigned for summer reading discuss sensitive topics (such as, but are not limited to- sexual violence, explicit language, ethically questionable behaviors, physical violence, suicide, murder, etc.) Please note: this is a college level course with the material dictated entirely by Cambridge University. With this in mind, we will discuss these topics with as much delicacy as possible, as these are all very real and very common issues. There will be no visual representation (i.e. The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu) of any texts that are deemed inappropriate. If the material is triggering for a student, they need to reach out to either AICE Literature in English teacher for an alternative assignment.

    Assignment 1- please read Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and take notes over each chapter. Once you have taken notes over each chapter, please choose 1 out of the 4 topics to write about in regards to the story. Your response must include evidence from the text.

    Answer MUST be MINIMUM 1 full page in MLA format.

    Wide Sargasso Sea Themes:

    1. Otherness & Alienation
    2. Slavery & Freedom
    3. Women in Power
    4. Truth


    Assignment 2- please read An Experiment with an Air Pump by Shelagh Stephenson. Write a summary of the story (half a page). Then choose ONE of the options below.

    Option A: Graphic Novel 

    You must create a graphic novel of the entire play. There should be 20 “pages” total- this can be a sheet of paper you section into 4 spaces, with a new scene in each space. (Total, it would be 5 full sheets of paper that you submit with 4 scenes on each sheet for a total of “20 pages” (limit 30 “pages”). Comic style. Pictures and captions must be accurate to the play (though you may modernize the language they use, if you’d prefer.)  If you need further clarification, please reach out to one of the AICE Literature in English teachers.


    Option B: Harriet’s Play 

    You must complete Harriet’s play in whatever way you choose (school appropriate.) Create a script with stage directions and various characters, complete with a solid plotline and sturdy conclusion. Minimum of 10 pages, maximum of 20 pages.  


    Option C: 1999 Painting, “An Experiment on a Fetus in the Genome Lab” 

    For those of you that are most artistically inclined, this might be the project for you. Create a painting, collage, or any form of visual representation of the original painting An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump. You MUST incorporate elements from both time periods: 1799 & 1999. Be as creative as you’d like. Make sure to include a half page analysis of the elements you have incorporated explaining WHY you incorporated them and HOW they tie back to the story. Minimum of 16”x20”, maximum of 22”x28”.  


    Option D: The Good Ol’ PowerPoint 

    For those of you without even a fragment of a creative bone in your body, this project is for you. (Though I do hope I get some of the other options because frankly, these are boring to grade.) Create a power point including an in-depth analysis of the entire play. I’d suggest breaking it down into scenes. Make sure to reference specific literary devices, themes, motifs, symbols, and character analysis. Minimum of 25 slides, maximum of 40 slides.  


    Due Monday, August 28th - Friday, September 1st, 2023. No late work accepted. No penalty for turning work in early. Please turn in hard copies of these to your AICE Literature in English teacher. All digital projects will be submitted through Canvas. DO NOT email work. All work should be typed in MLA format, while using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    Please visit the media center for all material or email either Ashton.Sieczko@marion.k12.fl.us or Emily.Gray@marion.k12.fl.us for digital versions. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.