• Parents and students,

    Each year, we require our students to complete summer reading assignment(s) to keep them engaged in education throughout the school year. For some grade levels, there are more assignments than for others.  Please choose the appropriate course for your student.

    Please remember, as a member of the Cambridge AICE Program, ALL of our English courses are college level courses and (as such) the reading materials must not only be of a higher academic level, but also of a more mature nature.

    This year, we have also included readings/assignments for AICE Chemistry,  AICE Classical Studies, and AICE Math 1.  Be sure to check the required work for those courses as well.  




    Parents, due to the substantial academic rigor of this course, some texts or lessons may contain challenging or controversial topics. In the spirit of academic inquiry, it is my goal as the teacher to present all sides without bias and to allow students to reach their own conclusions. In accordance with Marion County School Board Policy #2240, if you find that a text or activity conflicts with your religious beliefs or value system you may request an alternate assignment. 

    Marion County School Board Policy 2240 - CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES

    The School Board believes that the consideration of controversial issues has a legitimate place in the instructional program of the schools.

    Properly introduced and conducted, the consideration of such issues can help students learn to identify important issues, explore fully and fairly all sides of an issue, weigh carefully the values and factors involved, and develop techniques for formulating and evaluating positions.

    For purposes of this policy, a controversial issue is a topic on which opposing points of view have been promulgated by responsible opinion or likely to elicit both support and opposition in the community.

    The Board will permit the introduction and proper educational use of controversial issues provided that their use in the instructional program:
     is related to the instructional goals of the course of study and level of maturity of the students;

    1. does not tend to indoctrinate or persuade students to a particular point of view;
    2. encourages open-mindedness and is conducted in a spirit of scholarly inquiry.
       Controversial issues related to the program may be initiated by the students themselves provided they are presented in the ordinary course of classroom instruction and it is not substantially disruptive to the educational setting.

    Controversial issues may not be initiated by a source outside the schools unless prior approval has been given by the principal.

     The Board recognizes that a course of study or certain instructional materials may contain content or activities that some parents find objectionable. If after careful, personal review of the program lessons or materials, a parent indicates to the school that either the content or activities conflicts with his/her religious beliefs or value system, the school will consider a written request for his/her child to be excused from a particular class for specified reasons. The student, however, will not be excused from participating in the course and will be provided alternate learning activities during times of such parent requested absences.