• Parents and Students,

    Each year, we require our students to have a summer reading requirement to keep them engaged in education throughout the school year. For some grade levels, there are more assignments than for others.  Please choose the appropriate course for your student.


    Prior to selecting a book, please take time to sit down and pre-read about each book as some may be of more interest that others depending on your students' interests. Also, please remember, as a member of the Cambridge AICE Program ALL of our English courses are college level courses and as such the reading materials must be not only of higher academic level but also those of a more mature reader.


    There may be sensitive conversations and mature language used in some of the texts. As such, we request that you are a part of the decision on which books your student picks this year so that you can help them work through any topics or language that may be of issue for them. 


    This year, we have also included reading / assignments for AICE Chemistry and AICE Classical Studies so be sure to check the required work for those as well.