• internet Below is a list of websites that I have found useful for World History Research

    If you find a website that is useful, send the link to me in an email, and I'll look at it. If it's good, I'll put it here and give you the credit for it. michael.brady@marion.k12.fl.us


    StoryBoardThat This is the website where we're making awesome Ancient World History storyboards. Check it out. 

    Why did the Roman Empire fall?  This is a overview of the 8 basic reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire. There are also some cool infographics here.

    Countries of the World. This is the CIA World Factbook, and it has all you need to know about every country in the world.

    View the Earth from Space. See what the earth looks like at this moment from satellite views. See the sunrise line as it is at this moment. 

    Need help with your homework? This website has MANY useful links to information about every topic.

    National Geographic. Need we say more? The coolest pictures on the internet, videos, interactive sites and more.

    Maps Galore! Need a map of Zimbabwe or the Seychelles islands or World War 2 battle maps? This is the website for all things maps. 

    Check out the US Congress. This site has current legislation (bills to be laws) and a lot of good information on our Congress, including names and contact links to all the Congressmen (and women).

    Map Outlines. Here's a site where you can get blank outline maps of just about anywhere in the world.

    Pictures from around the world. The terra gallaria site has pictures from every country in the world. Ever wondered what an  open air fish market in Thailand looks like? Well, here's where you can see one. Take a virtual tour around the world.

    Geography IQ. Find out which country is largest, smalles, smartest, richest, poorest, or has the most cell phones per 1000 people. It's all here at Geography IQ. Who knows, you might need this some day on Jeopardy.