• Here we go, learning online... :)

    Apr. 1:  See our Google Classroom for the Unit Outline for CPR & First Aid (Just for information purposes, only).  Continue working through the lessons  in each unit for the Emergency Care Module on Health Center 21.  Take the quiz at the end of each unit.  Each of the 7 quizzes will count as a separate grade.  

    List of All Terms for the Entire School Year.

    Apr. 8:  Term Quiz #22 (on Skyward); work on Emergency Care Module on Health Center 21; work through each lesson and take the quiz at the end of each unit - due Aprill 17; First Aid Chart - on Google Classroom - due April 17.

    Apr. 14:  Here is our plan for this week...1. Continue working on the Health Center 21 Emergency Care module and taking the quizzes at the end of each unit. Each of the quizzes will count as a grade. You have until the end of the day Friday to complete them.
    2. Continue filling in your First Aid Chart. Use the information from HC21 Emergency Care. I have a few people say there was some info they couldn't find on HC21; if that is the case, use RELIABLE websites to find the answers. Due Friday.  3. Tuesdayat 2 p.m. we will have a Zoom meeting. Check you school email for the invite / also posted on Google Classroom.  4. Wednesday will be Term Quiz # 23. It will be on Skyward; just like last week.  5. Towards the end of the week, look for a new assignment on CPR.

    Apr. 20:  Our plan for this week:  1. Go in and do the April 20 Check-In. This will help me to keep track of attendance and will count as a grade.  2. Do the Kahoot! review for First Aid.  3. Later today I will be posting some review presentations on First Aid. As I was grading the the First Aid charts, I noticed several people with completely wrong information. I assume this is because you choose to fill-in your chart with information "you thought" was correct instead of looking for the correct answers on Health Center 21. The idea of the chart is S&S and Tx that you could provide. Not a doctor. Not a hospital. Some of you listed prescription medicine or surgeries as treatment. These were wrong answers. Surgery is not first aid.  4. Wednesday will be Term Quiz #24, on Skyward.  5. The First Aid test will be Thursday.
    Next week we will begin CPR.

    Apr. 27:  Here is the plan for this week:  1. Monday - complete the April 27 Check in on Google Classroom. It will count toward attendance & as a grade.  2. Work on the CPR + Basic Life Support Questions. You can find the answers in the CPR - Unit 1 of Health Center 21. These are due Friday.  3. Wednesday will be Term Quiz # 25 on Skyward. This will be your last term quiz with new terms. We will continue term quizzes, but it will be all old terms. I'll let you know more as we get closer.  Please continue to communicate with me & your other teachers if you are having issues that keep you from getting your work done.

    Assignments for the remainder of the year will be posted exclusively on Google Classroom