• All 25 Sets of Terms


    Mar. 21 & 22:  Term Quiz #23; Term Set # 24; go over Professionalism Vocabulary; Read pgs. 61-64 in the red book.  Answer the following "Professional Appearance" questions in your composition notebook:  

    1.List 5 factors that contribute to good health and briefly describe why each factor is beneficial.

    2.Identify 3 basic requirements for the appearance of uniforms.

    3.How do you determine which type and color of uniform to wear in your place of employment?

    4.List 3 basic rules to observe in regard to shoes worn in a health career.

    5.List 3 ways to control body odor.

    Mar. 26:  Professional Appearance questions cont; Fill out job application - due tomorrow

    Mar. 27:  Job Applications due; Find 5 local healthcare job openings; Begin Interview Questions

    Mar. 28:  Term Quiz 24; Term Set 25; Interview Questions cont

    Mar. 29 & 30:  finish Interview Questions; make a resume'

     Apr. 2:  Go over improvements needed for Applications; Resume's due tomorrow; Personal Characteristics Questions

    Apr. 3:  Go over Personal Characteristics Questions; proofread resumes - due by 3:45 Wed (email to sara.glisson@marion.k12.fl.us)

    Apr. 4:  Term Quiz 25; no new terms - next week's quiz covers Term Sets 1-8

    Apr. 5 & 6:  Glisson out to HOSA State Conf. - HC21 Emergency Care; First Aid Chart

    Apr. 9:  Finish HC21 Emergency Care; work on First Aid Chart

    Apr. 10:  work on First Aid Chart; prep for mock disaster

    Apr. 11:  Term Quiz 26 - next week's quiz covers term sets 9-17; work on First Aid Chart

    Apr. 12:  prep for mock disaster; work on First aid chart

    Apr. 13:  2nd Period - Mock Disaster

    Apr. 16:  Glisson out sick - work on Health Center 21 Emergency Care Module - take the quiz at the end of each unit

    Apr. 17:  work on First Aid Chart

    Apr. 18:  Term Quiz 27; work on First Aid Chart

    Apr. 19 & 20:  First Aid Chart due; take Health Center 21 Emergency Care Quizzes (no 6th period due to Code Yellow)

    Apr. 23:  All Classes - Homework questions:  1.  HOw do you can you contact EMS here in Marion County?  2.  What is the number for Poison Control?  1st & 2nd:  Providing First Aid Questions; study for term quiz; 6th:  Finish & turn in First Aid Chart; work on Providing Care Questions

    Apr. 24:  Homework due; Copy down 1st Aid & CPR LEQs; Go over Providing Care Questions; practice controlling bleeding

    Apr. 25:  Early Release / Academy Day

    Apr. 26 & 27:  Term Quiz 28Go over / grade First Aid Charts; practice controlling bleeding

    Apr. 30:  Discuss classroom safety; Review bone & joint injuries; Practice applying splints & slings

    May 1:  Begin Health Center 21 CPR Questions; practice splints & slings

    May 2:   First Aid Bellringer; work on Health Center 21 CPR Questions

    May 3 & 4:  Get Final Exam Study GuideFirst Aid Bellringer #2; finish Health Center CPR Questions

    May 7:  Seniors take final exam; Final Reflection (counts as Q4 Writing grade)

    May 8 & 9:  Pediatric CPR notes; practice Infant & Child CPR

    May 10 & 11:  Adult CPR notes; Practice Adult CPR

    May 14:  CPR Comparison Chart; practice CPR