• Mar. 21 & 22:  Go over Urinary System Diagram; Go over Kidney diagram - color arteries red; veins blue; urine tubes yellow; copy figure 15.2 C; Crash Course Excretory System Video & Questions; Nephron Diagram; Read pgs. 518-521 on Kidneys, 528-530 on Ureters, Urinary Bladder &, urethra - As you read, take notes on the anatomy (size, shape, location, solid / hollow, etc.) and the function (what its job is) of each organ

    Notes to print out for next week:  Urinary System & Urine Notes

    Mar. 26:  Turn in notes on Kidney, Ureters, Bladder & Urethra; Go over Urinary Notes; 5th period get nephron diagram; Get Urinary System Study Guide; HMWK - read & take notes on Urine Formation - describe 3 processes of urine formation

    Mar. 27:  Bellringer -1.In what organ is urine produced?  2.What is the path of urine (the organs) from production to elimination?  3.What 3 processes are necessary for urine formation?; go over Urine Notes

    Mar. 28:  Zonk Review (5th period - Team Henle Loopers has the BEST COMEBACK. EVER!)

    Mar. 29 & 30:  Kidney Filtration Lab

    Apr. 2:  Digestive & Urinary Test; Endocrine Diagram / Hormone Chart

    Apr. 3:  Go over Endocrine Diagram / Hormone Chart; Endocrine Questions; Print out Reproductive Notes

    Apr. 4:  Endocrine Questions (see Apr. 3) - due Monday; GLOVES DUE MONDAY 4/9

    Apr. 5 & 6:  Glisson out to HOSA conf - Label Reproductive Systems diagrams; Fetal Development Assignment - due Monday

    Apr. 9:  Gloves DueFetal Development Assignment due; go over Reproductive System Diagrams; begin Reproductive Notes

    Apr. 10:  Prep for Dissection; Finish Reproductive Notes

    Apr. 11-12:  Cat Dissection

    Apr. 13:  Mock Disaster

    Apr. 16:  Glisson out sick - begin Final Exam Study Guide

    Apr. 17 - 19:  Cat dissection

    Apr. 20:  no 4th period due to Code Yellow

    Apr. 23-24:  Cat Dissection

    Apr. 25:  Early Release / Academy Day

    Apr. 26-27:  Cat Dissection

    Apr. 30 - May 4:  Cat Dissection

    May 7:  All students take short response portion of final exam

    May 8-9:  Finish Cat Dissection; work on study guide; work on Dissection Final Reflection

    May 10-11:  Senior Final Exam