• Mar 25:  Protein & Lipid questions

    Reminder: Control of Digestion worksheet due tomorrow

    Mar. 26:  finish & turn in Protein & Lipid questions; work on Control of Digestion worksheet; Digestive Writing assigned -due Wed. 4/3/19

    Mar. 27:  Go over villi; go over Control of Digestion

    Mar. 28 & 29:  Digestive System Packet

    Apr. 1:  Assign Diet Analysis; Nutrition Labels Worksheet

    Apr.2 :  FSA Writing - no 3rd or 4th period;  5th period catch-up day

    Apr. 3:  Digestive Writing due; change website on Diet Analysis from SuperTracker to choosemyplate.gov/MyPlatePlan; finish Nutrition Labels - due block day

    Apr. 4 & 5:  Turn in Nutrition Labels Worksheet; Micronutrient Webquest (see Mrs. Glisson for the paper)

    Apr. 8:  Review for Digestive System Test

    Apr. 9:  Digstive System & Nutrition Test; Urinary System Diagrams; work on Diet Analysis

    Apr. 10:  Diet Analysis Due; Urinary System Packet

    Apr. 11 & 12:  Urinary Diagram Quiz; grade Digestive Writing; finish Urinary Packet; 5th period talks too much - start Urine Notes

    Apr. 15:  Turn in homework; Color code diagram - arteries = red, veins = blue, tubes that carry urine = yellow; read & take notes on the anatomy & physiology of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra; Print out notes for homework - Urinary System and Urine Notes

    Apr. 16:  Crash Course Excretory video w/ questions; beging going over notes

    Apr. 17:  Early Release Day - School wide career day

    Apr. 18 & 19:  Kidney Filtration Bead lab

    Apr. 22:  Go over Urinary Packet; finish Urine Notes; copy renal blood flow; Homework - label reproductive diagrams; Print out Reproductive System Notes