• Here we go, learning online... :)

    Apr. 1:  Color code the Digestive System Diagram; choose any 2 colors you wish (or have access to); make sure to include a key.  Choose 1 color for the alimentary canal and another for the accessory organs.  Take  deep breath.  We got this.  You were assigned the Digestive System Work (on the back of the diagram) and Lipid & Protein Questions before Spring Break.  Find your answers.  Send them to Mrs. Glisson.  You can send it by email or upload to our Google Classroom.  Due by 3 pm Friday, April 3.; Complete the "Check In Survey" in Google Classroom.

    Apr. 8:  View the Protein and Lipid Question Review, How to Read a Nutrition Label, and Diet Analysis Intro videos.  (School Menu one is only necessary for those of you eating school breakfast or lunch). Beginnign planning for the 4 days you will keep your Food Diary.  Begin work on the Control of Digestion Worksheet.  All work is posted on Google Classroom.  See Google Classroom for due dates.

    Apr. 14:  Plan for this week:  Continue working on your Diet Analysis.; Tuesday at 3 p.m. we will have a Zoom meeting. Check your school email for the invite / also posted on Google Classroom; Last week I posted the "Control of Digestion questions". Those are due Tuesday.; Later this week I will (try to) post a Kahoot review for the digestive system.; Next Tuesday (April 21) your Digestive System test will be posted on Skyward. (It's a test, so no, you can't use notes, books, etc. You're going to have to be honest & do it with just the info in your big, fat brain). I'll send out more info on the test later this week.

    Apr. 20:  Plan for this week:  1.  Go to Google Classroom and do the Anatomy - April 20 Check-In. This will help me to keep track of attendance and will count as a grade.  2. Do the Kahoot! review for the Digestive System.  3. Tuesday 4/21 will be your test on Skyward on the Digestive System. It is a combination of matching & multiple choice. Review your diagram, functions of organs, know if they are alimentary canal or accessory organ, and review the Protein & Lipid Questions.  4. I will start inputting the grades for the Diet Analysis, so make sure you have submitted it. I do NOT need your food log.  5. Wednesday we will start the Urinary System.  6. Keep on keeping on. :)

    Apr. 27:  Weekly plan - Monday - take Urinary System Diagram quiz on Skyward; Wednesday - Urinary Review Questions due (pg & question #s on Google Classroom); Friday - Google Classroom check-in Survey

    Assignments for the remainder of the year will be posted exclusively on Google Classroom