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    Lake Weir High School H.O.P.E. Syllabus

    Instructor: Coach Wisdom

    Subject Area: Physical Education

    Course Title: Health Opportunities through Physical Education

    Credit: 1.0

    Major Concepts: HOPE is a year long class. Passing H.O.P.E. is a graduation requirement. Students will have classroom and physical activity days. HOPE will provide topics related to health and wellness and will assist students develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices in the students health and fitness.


    Supplies: Student needs to have a folder with prongs, paper, writing utensil, and water bottle for class. Students are expected to wear clothes appropriate for physical activity. Students are required to wear sneakers for physical activity. Boat shoes, boots, sandals, and heels are not appropriate footwear for PE. Tank tops, crop tops, spandex shorts, and leggings are also not appropriate for PE. Points will be taken off for inadequate PE attire. Due to COVID-19 we will not be dressing out for class. Since we are on a Block Day schedule students will only have PE 2-3 days a week. They should be dressed appropriately on those days for physical activity.


    Illness/Injury: This course consists of physical activity. If there is an injury or illness that will prevent a student from participating, the student must bring a note with the phone number where a parent or doctor can be reached.


    Injury: Report all injuries to the coach.


    Make-up work: 10 days from the assignment date will be given for any missed work. This includes MCPS Online.


    Grading: Exams-30%, Class Assignments-50%, Notebook-20%


    Notebooks: Notebooks (Student Folders) are graded twice per Quarter. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a quality and organized notebook. This includes keeping up with independent classwork. Folders with prongs are highly suggested.


    Attendance: Students should be on time to class. This includes on time for virtual class meetings. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to ask for what they missed. Missed work can be found on Microsoft Teams and also on the board in class.


    Electronic devices: Are NOT permitted during exercise, gym/outdoor activities, and during instruction/tests. There will be instances where we will use phones in class for activities. Headphones are ONLY allowed during independent work. Only 1 ear should be covered for safety reasons. If a student fails to comply with the electronic device rules they are subject to disciplinary action.


    Discipline: 2 verbal warnings will be given for the student to change the behavior/ non-dresses, tardiness, class disruptions, misuse of electronic device etc. A third infraction will be parental notification.  A fourth infraction will lead to a referral.


    Class procedure: Class begins with bellwork that should be done independently upon entering the room and kept in their notebook. Our class block will be divided into class time and physical activity. Once we leave the classroom the expectation is for students to stay actively moving for the duration of the activity time. That means there is no sitting during activities. MCPS Online classes will also be required to be physically active. It is expected that students will be dressed accordingly while performing PE activities at home as well.


    Class Rules:

         Be at the right place on time.

         Follow directions.

         Put forth an effort.

         Respect others and equipment

         Follow Electronic Device Rules listed in syllabus


    671-4820 ext.58888     colby.wisdom@marion.k12.fl.us

    Parents may contact me from 8:15 – 9:00am. Please schedule any appointment through your student’s guidance counselor.


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