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    This page is for parents to assist their students to achieve their very best! Please keep an eye out out to this page for classroom announcements, upcoming dates, assignments and important events!

    If you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, or any ideas on how your child can succeed in my class, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME BY PHONE OR EMAIL! 

    Some of the information on this page is more pertinent to one class than another. For instance, my AP class works a little differently than my chemistry classes. For specific information about the course your student is taking, see that specific page or contact me; I would be happy to clear up any specific question personally. 

    Gradebook True/False Information

    I do my absolute best to grade assignments in a timely manner and populate grades in my gradebook no more than one week after an assignment is due. Due to my various responsibilities and things that arise that are out of my control, I am not always able to do this. In general, the due date on assignments are not absolute and I will usually take any assignment late with little to no penalty based on the quality of work and how late an assignment is. My philosophy is that the date a student gets something finished is less important than the fact that they have learned and completed an assignment. I will accept work until the end of the current quarter at which point my gradebook closes and their grade is then their grade. A common point of misconception and/or falsified information between partents and students is if an assignment has an asterisk (*) instead of an actual number grade. If an assignment has an asterisk, I have made the assignment in Skyward but have not graded the assignment yet. This commonly happens, especially in classes that I teach several sections of; I can not instantaneously populate the gradebook with grades for all classes. However, if there is an actual number grade, then I have graded your students assignment. If I do not have your students assignment, then they will receive a 0 for that assignment. If I receive the assignment before the end of the quarter, I will replace the zero with the grade they earned on the assignment.  


     Notes Pertaining to Quarterly Progress Reports:

     Progress reports are produced at the midpoint of each quarter. If your student does not have an A or a B on the Progress Report it is more than likely due to one of, or a combination of, the following reasons: 1) your student is not coming to school, 2) your student is not turning in assignments, 3) your student is not completing and turning in daily bell work (Quick Quizzes), or 4) your student is not coming to Power Hour for help or to make up assignments. I typically do not give more than one test per progress report, and your student should have mostly 100's if they have completed and turned in their work.

     I really only have 2 essential rules pertaining to your students attaining good grades in my class: 1) Follow directions - behave, respect each other, complete and turn in assignments; and 2) Show Effort - try on every problem everyday, and do your best. If your student does these 2 things, they will never have less than a C in my course. These are the 2 most important aspects of my classroom because I believe any student can follow these rules regardless of mathematical or scientific prowess. Some students have turned in more work since the Progress Reports were printed and I have completly updated my gradebook as of today. Please check the Parent Portal on Skyward, to see your student's up to date grade.

     Notes Concerning MY Gradebook (Potential Misconceptions) 

    There are a few things in my gradebook that might be confusing on first glance.

     Bellwork (Quick Quizzes):  We complete what is called bellwork, which I call a Quick Quiz, almost every single day in my class. This is daily class work we do throughout the class period and is turned in to me at the conclusion of class everyday. Everyday's Quick Quiz is worth 10 points. To receive credit, a student must: 1) write their full name, date, and period on their paper; 2) either write the question or restate the question in their answer to the question; 3) answer every question to the best of their ability; 4) complete propted questions or problems given during that class; and 5) answer the "I will" question at the end of class. I grade these monthly by giving students 10 points per Quick Quiz they have completed during a calendar month, therefore to have a 100 for the month, they only need to complete 10 Quick Quizzes. Depending on the month, there are always more than 10 available in a month. Every quiz after the first 10 are worth 10 extra credit points each, with those additional points being placed in the Extra Credit Bank (see below). In other words, your student earns extra credit in my course by simply coming to school and following directions. Sometimes, depending on the month, there may be 50 or 60 extra credit points available just by doing the daily bellwork.  The first of these grades with be titled August Quick Quizzes in Skyward with a new grade for each month throughout the year. 

     Extra Credit Bank: The Extra Credit bank is just a temporary holding place in Skyward for your students earned extra credit points over a grading quarter. When the quarter is over, I move the points where they are most applicable for your student. There are several ways to earn extra credit points: 1) completing more than 10 Quick Quizzes in a month (see above), 2) enthusiastic participation in class, 3) coming to Power Hour (see my Power Hour info below), 4) excellent notebooks, and 5) showing more than minimal effort and evidence of deep learning on assignments. I WILL ALWAYS REWARD EFFORT ABOVE AND BEYOND THE NORM. The points stay in the Extra Credit Bank until the end of the quarter when I apply the points to where they will help the student attain the best grade for the quarter. This column in Skyward DOES NOT carry any weight in the students grade, disregard if Skyward says your student has an F for this assignment. The number in this column is the number of Extra Credit they have and is evidence of your student doing what they should be doing. If they do not have any points in this column, the better question is why not? 

                            Please see the below link to Skyward for your student's present grade.

     Skyward Parent Portal


    Alpha Time is West Port High School's take on what was once called lunch. The idea is that students have an hour to eat their lunch, socialize, attend and participate in activities on campus, and spend part of this hour taking advantage of the various opportunities available to them to succeed with their education. In principle, a student should spend half of their hour eating lunch and the other half hour doing something aligned with the above statement. Teachers, likewise, have half of this time to eat their lunch and take care of personal business, and have the other half hour open for "office hours" similar to college, where students may come to that class to make up work, get extra help, and improve their grade. My classroom is open to ALL students the ENTIRE HOUR EVERYDAY with the exception of when I have club meetings to attend. I am involved with many clubs, sports, and other engagements at WPHS and sometimes must attend a meeting during Power Hour. These times are posted in my classroom at the beginning of each week to inform your student if there is a time I will not be available. Addtionally, the times I have meetings I try to keep up to date on my Power Hour Page on this website. But in general, I am available to help students at Power Hour as much if not more than any other teacher on campus. I help students on a first-come, first-serve basis unless they make a POWER HOUR APPOINTMENT. There is a calendar on my desk in my classroom that is for students to make an appointment for either half of Power Hour for my personnal, undivided attention for them alone. All they need to do is sign up on my calendar for an appointment before they leave class. I do ask that if they sign up for an appointment that they make special attention to make the appointment so they do not take time away from another student. I also have a Power Hour Log on my door for all students to sign in that they have attended Power Hour for any reason which I can reference if an issue ever arises or if a parent/guardian is interested in their students attendance. If you have multiple children that attend West Port or other students whom can benefit from this, they should GO TO THEIR TEACHER FIRST, but if it isn't working for whatever reason, I WILL HELP ANY STUDENT WILLING TO PUT IN EFFORT WITH ANYTHING THAT I POSSIBLY CAN. I am one of only a few teachers that have taught courses in multiple departments and usually have many strong students around that also help me in this capacity.

     I am truly at West Port High School for your children's betterment and education first and foremost. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to contact me, via email or phone. I try very hard to make a concerted effort to reach out to all of my students parents or guardians over the course of the year. I like to wait until around the time of the first progress report to start making phone calls to get to know your students personality and course specific strengths and weaknesses before I begin making phone calls. Except for in problematic cases, I typically start at the top of my student roster and make calls alphabetically. I look forward to speaking with each and every one of you. Please help me to ensure your student has a great year filled with learning and personal growth. Thank you for your time.

     Paul C. Gleason


    352-291-4000 ext 56713


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