• Guitar Audition Requirements

    These requirements are for all new students seeking entry into the MCCA Guitar Program. The Auditions are for PLACEMENT ONLY and only occur after acceptance.

    If you have never played guitar before, please contact Mrs. Kittles as per the instructions in your acceptance letter, but let her know that you do not currently play and you will be placed directly into a Beginning Guitar class and will not need to complete an audition.



    G Major - Two Octaves

    Bb minor - Two Octaves

    The preferred format can be found on my teacher website under Guitar Resources.



    Students should select 2 from the following:

    Taylor - Jack Johnson

    Country Dance

    House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

    St. Thomas


    Bass Players have the same scale requirements but may pick two contrasting pieces. If they need assistance selecting music feel free to contact Mr. Shepard for suggestions.


    Sight Reading

    All Students will be given a short (8 measure) sight reading piece to prove proficiency in reading notation and transferring notation to guitar.

    If you need to practice sight reading you can find free examples at SightReadingFactory.org


Last Modified on March 28, 2018