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    Liberal Arts Math addresses the need for a course that focuses on reinforcing, deepening, and extending a student's mathematical understanding. Liberal Arts Mathematics 1 starts with a review of problem-solving skills before moving on to a variety of key algebraic, geometric, and statistical concepts. Throughout the course, students hone their computational skills and extend their knowledge through problem solving and real-world applications.

    Course topics include problem solving; real numbers and operations; functions and graphing; systems of linear equations; polynomials and factoring; geometric concepts such as coordinate geometry and properties of geometric shapes; and descriptive statistics. We will study and apply the mathmatical rules to students' every day lives and see just how important math is outside of school.

    Assignments are posted on the Assignments page, as well as the Calendar. If you are absent, please make sure to take a look as to what you may have missed. The calendar can be added to your personal devices to make sure you never miss a deadline, so please ask Mr. Gleason if you have any questions.

    Mr. Gleason is available Monday, Wednesday - Friday for Power Hour. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are needing help in math! My door is always open to those who want to excel!