• Civics Agenda April 30- May 24

    Testing Schedule and Block Schedule for May                                 Review Video 1

    7th Grade End of Course Exam Study Guide                                   Review Video 2

                                                                                                      Review Video 3

                                                                                                      Review Video 4

    Students will review using Edpuzzle, IXL, Quizizz, and group activities designed to build knowledge in specific areas. Links to review videos will be added periodically until the exam.

    Final Homework assignment- Review homework worksheet or Edpuzzle review through google classroom- Due May 11th



    Civics Agenda April 16-April 27

    Testing Schedule

    Students will turn in Unit 1, 2, and 3 in the end of course study guide. Every Unit will be for a grade in the gradebook. 7th Grade Civics Study Guide

    During the week of April 23rd through April 27th the students will be in testing doing FSA Reading, Math, and 8th Graders a will do FCAT in Science also.

    Civics Agenda April 09-April 13

    Students will review key topics from citizenship to the foundations of government while filling out study guide and completing edpuzzle review on the computer.

    Homework-Review worksheet or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom


    Civics Agenda April 02-April 06

    Students will finish up DBQ and begin reviewing citizenship and civic engagement in class. Students will begin filling out their study guides for the final exam. 

    Homework-Review worksheet or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom

    Civics Agenda March 26-March 30

    Students will complete a Document Based Question (DBQ) this week. On Monday and Tuesday we will begin the Hook Exercise and the Background Essay, and begin document analysis. On Wednesday and Thursday we will complete document analysis, debate the question and begin writing. Friday will be the first groups final day to complete the essayin which they answer the question.

    Homework- Review worksheet or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom


    Civics Agenda March 19- March 23

    Students will complete a group activity with a worksheet and graphic organizer on Monday and Tuesday after rules and procedures are re-addressed. On Wednesday and Thursday students will complete citizen action group activity and come up with a topic or issue in society that needs to be addressed and figure out what options they can use to try to bring attention to this issue. When not working in the group students will complete the X.1, X.2, X.3 under the seventh grade section in IXL.com, they will be for classwork grades this week. On Friday students will begin working on the next DBQ.

    Homework- Review worksheets in the homework folders in the back of the room or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom

    Login for IXL.com is first namelastname@horizonacad and your password is the same password you log into your portal with. If you need a reminder of how to login to Google Classroom see the Google Classroom tab on my website.

    Civics Agenda February 26-March 3rd

    Students will complete a series of assignments through Google Classroom this week on laptops. No Homework. Test at the end of the week and next week.



    Civics Agenda February 20-February 23

    Students will finish up their essays for the Document Based Question from the previous week. Students will complete classwork group assignment on forms of government and an individual reading activity on systems of government.

    Homework- worksheet or google classroom

    Civics Agenda February 12-February 16

    Students will work on a Document Based Question packet this week. The questions in the packet will be worth classwork grades and the essay they must write to answer the question is worth a test grade.

    Homework- write a paragragh summary about how online speech can be harmful or google classroom due 02-16



    Civics Agenda January 29-February 2

    Studetns will examine the foundations of legal systems in the world such as Hammurabi's Code and the Magna Carta, then will review the early influences of the United States legal system completing a worksheet. Students will conduct a mock trial to simulate and better understand the way a courtroom operates. Students will then compare the different types of laws and courts that exist in the United States and what their purposes are.

    Homework- Google Classroom or Worksheet about the Judicial Branch in the homework folder in the back of the room due February 2nd


    Civics Agenda January 22-January 26

    Students will complete an amendment scavenger hunt in which whey will identify every amendment in the constitution. Students will complete a packet about the sources and foundations of the legal system in the United States. Students will illustrate the different levels of courts, different type of courts, and will participate in a mock trial process in which they will act out the process of a court room. 

    Homework- Google Classroom or a one page summary about any court in the United States. (US Supreme Court, FL Supreme Court, County Courts, etc.)


    Civics Agenda January 16- January 19

    Students will complete a voting rights activity in which they will identify which amendments help support voting rights in the United States. Then on the second block they will complete an amendment scavenger hunt in which they will answer questions identifying all 27 amendments in the constitution.

    Homework- Edpuzzle through google classroom or write a one page summary explaining which constitutional amendment is most important to you and why.


    Civics Agenda January 08-January 12

    Students will complete handout about the construction of the constitution. The second classwork grade will be for a constitutional amendment scavenger hunt in which students will answer questions based on all 27 constitutional amendments in the United States Constitution. Students will complete a summary describing what rights are found in the Bill of Rights and which one is most important to them. 

    Homework- Edpuzzle through Google Classroom or worksheet about rights found in the United States Constitution.


    Civics Agenda November 06-December 01

    Students will  finish learning about John Locke and Baron Montesquieu. Students will fill out worksheets and graphic organizers as they go. Students will learn about other aspects of the foundations of United States government. Students will start to review for the midterm exam.

    Homework- Edpuzzle through google classroom or worksheet "King get off our backs."

    Civics Agenda November 06-November 10

    Students will review and complete assessment on federalism, presenting your study guide will earn you a classwork grade at full credit. Next students will work to complete a Document Based Question (DBQ) and write an agrumentative essay to complete the task. After students will work on activites to help builod understanding of the Declaration of Indepedence, the US Constitution, and the beginning influences of the United States government.

    Homework- Edpuzzle through google classroom or worksheet about the Executive Branch located in the back of the room.


    Civics Agenda October 30-November 03

    Students will participate in review activities in which they will create their own political parties in groups and re-write the preamble to the United States Constitution in their own words. Students will complete graphic organizer detailing their elected representatives. The following activity will include filling out a graphic organizer explaing how laws are made at the local level. 

    Homework- Edpuzzle through Google Classroom or worksheet or write a summary Marion County according to the Marion County Commissioners website. 


    Civics Agenda October 17-October 20

    Students will complete how a bill becomes a law activity. Students will run a classroom congress activity to help understanding law making process. Second block will complete an activity on federalism with worksheet.

    Homework- Edpuzzle through google classroom or look up any elected official in the state of Florida and write a summary about them. (Where they are from, what party do they belong to, what issues are important to them.)

    Civics Agenda October 9-October 13

    First block students will review the content covered in the first quarter and then take the quarterly exam. Students will conduct mock congress activity, in addition to mock constitution activity. Students will work on activity that further covers federalism.

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle through google classroom, or one page summary about the Legislative Branch, or worksheet questions about the Legislative Branch.


    Civics Agenda October 2-October 6

    Students will complete worksheet about federalism and the different functions that the state and federal governments perform. Then students will reference the articles in the United States constitution that lay out the government the way it is today.

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle through google classroom, or one page summary about federalism, or worksheet questions about federalism.

    Civics Agenda September 25- September 29

    Activity on political parties. Activity explaining election process. Mock Election. 

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle on Political Parties or 1 page summary describing political parties similarities and differences or worksheet.

    Civics Agenda September 18- September 22

    Answer questions in Gateway book. Review for Unit Test, take Unit Test. Citizen action activity in groups.

    Homework- Due to Hurricane Irma I will extend the due date for last weeks homework until next week.

    Civics Agenda September 5- September 8

    Finish DBQ Essay question. Final essay worth test grade. Begin a group activity on citizen action. 

    Homework- (1) Edpuzzle assignment on rights, obligations, and responsibilities of citizens. Written option is to write a summary describing rights, obligations, and responsibilities of citizens in the United States. 

    Civics Agenda August 28- September 1

    Review and take quiz on citizenship. Start Document Based Question (DBQ) on Propaganda. Final essay will be worth a test grade. This will take the remainder of the week to complete this activity.

    Homework- (1) Edpuzzle on Citizen Action which students can access through google classroom. Directions on Google classroom log in on my webpage.

    Or students can write a summary of about one page explaining what citizens can do to influence the government. 

    Civics Agenda August 21-25

    Students will complete Civics Standards Mastery Assessment, then work on Citizenship class activity. Later in the week students will complete a group activity that will cover the rights and responsibilities of citizens. After that students will begin learning about Citizen action. Students will be able to describe how one becomes a citizen and what it means to be a citizen including rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

    Homework- EDpuzzle on Citizenship. Students can access through Google Classroom. Alternative homework is to write between one half to one whole page summary in which you define they define citizenship and list the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in the United States.


    Civics Agenda August 14-18

    Monday/ Tuesday- Students will review rules, procedures, drills, and other school policies. Students will receive bellwork folders and fill them out and personalize them before reviewing bellwork procedures. Students will fill out table of contents for their notebook and will review how the notebook will be organized. After students will log into their google classroom and review how to look for assignments, complete assignments, and check grades.

    Wednesday/ Thursday- Students will be go to a computer lab to further review google classroom, and login procedures. Then students will receive an introduction to Edpuzzle, Quizziz, iCivics, my webpage, and other useful websites and programs to help them with the class this year.

    Friday- Students will complete an assignment about citizenship, and the rights and resposibilities of citizens. This assignment will consist of a worksheet that students will fill out in a group after watching a video and discussing scenarios of how citizenship is obtained. If we complete this exercise we will move on to responsibilities which will consist of the students getting into pairs and going to different stations around the room and analyzing the different scenarios while filling out a graphic organizer. Will need more than one day for this.

    Homework- Coming soon!