• US History Agenda April 30-May 24

    Testing and Block Schedule for May 

    Final Exam Study Guide

    Students will complete Unit 8 in study guide while we complete the unit on the Civil War and Reconstruction in class. Students will complete study guide for all other units not yet completed receiving a grade for each. Students will review for final exam using Edpuzzle, Google Classroom, Quizizz, and other websites and activites designed to cover specific topics of concern.

    Final Homework Assignment- p.187-201 in workbook or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom- Due May 11

    US History Agenda April 16-April 27

    Testing Schedule

    Students will complete their DBQ about the causes of the Civil War. Then students will complete Unit 7, 8, and 1 in the final exam study guide.   Final Exam Study Guide 

    During the week of April 23rd through April 27th the students will be in testing doing FSA Reading, Math, and 8th Graders a will do FCAT in Science also.

    US History Agenda April 09-April 13

    Students will finish analyzing documents and write their essay explaining what the causes of the Civil War were. When completed, students will examine the course and consequences of the Civil War while filling out their study guides.

    Homework- Students will complete p. 175-186 from workbook or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom


    US History Agenda April 02-April 06

    Students will begin examining causes of the Civil War and begin the final Document Based Question (DBQ) pretaining to the Civil War. Students will begin filling out their study guide for the final exam this week also. 

    Homework- Students will complete p. 169-174 from workbook or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom

    US History Agenda March 26-March 30

    On Monday and Tuesday students  will read about the abolitionist movement and complete questions about some of the leading abolitionists of the era. ON Tuesday and Wednesday students will complete a similar activity about the Women's Rights Movements of the era and complete questions about some key leaders of this movement. On Friday we will begin covering causes of the Civil War.

    Homework- Students will complete p. 157-168 from workbook or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom

    US History Agenda March 19-March 23

    On Monday and Tuesday students will review rules and procedures, then we will view any presentations that students want to present. Students will go over grading process for how there final grade is determined in our class. Students will complete a group activity about Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion. On Wednesday and Thursday students will read primary sources of American slaves and compare and contrast the different experiences that slaves faced. On Friday students will complete worksheets in groups about Frederick Douglass. When not doing group work students will work on IXL.com 8th grade Social Studies I.1, I.2, and I.3 for classwork grades.

    Homework- Students will complete workbook pages 143-150 or Edpuzzle through Google Classroom

    Login for IXL.com is first namelastname@horizonacad and your password is the same password you log into your portal with. If you need a reminder of how to login to Google Classroom see the Google Classroom tab on my website.

    US History Agenda February 26-March 3

    Students will complete a series of assignments on Google Classroom as well as researching a PowerPoint project and reviewing for a test next week.

    Powerpoint rubric

    US History Agenda February 20-February 23

    Students will complete their essay for the Document Based Question (DBQ) then complete questions about the California Gold Rush. After students will be given a preview of the Industrial Revolution and will begin to brainstorm for their research project next week.

    Homework- Google Classroom or p. 127- 134 from the workbook


    US History Agenda February 12-February 16

    Students will work on a Document Based Question packet this week. The questions in the packet will be worth classwork grades and the essay they must write to answer the question is worth a test grade. 

    Homework- Google Classroom or  p. 115-126 from the workbook or google classroom due 02-16


    US History Agenda January 29-February 2

    Students will complete a worksheet about the Bank War of 1832, comparing the ideas of Daniel Webster and Andrew Jackson. Students will then examine the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears and will determine if they think things should have been handled differently and how they would have done so. 

    Homework- Google Classroom or workbook pages 109-114 due February 2nd

    US History Agenda January 22-January 26

    Students will cover the Monroe Doctrine and Era of Good Feelings and begin answering 5 questions on the topics. Studetns will finish questions in the following class and will start learning about Andrew Jackson. Students will complete a worksheet on John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson's war with the bank.

    Homework- Google Classroom or workbook pages 103-108

    US History Agenda January 16-January 19

    Students will examine the causes of the War of 1812 including impressment of American sailors and the Embargo Act of 1807. Students will answer questions 1-4 on p. 283. On the second block students will follow the course of the war and explain how the United States won the war, complete a primary source activity on Dollie Madison and how the country continued to grow under James Monroe. 

    Homework- Edpuzzle through google  classroom or workbook pages 97-102

    US history Agenda January 08-January 12

    Students will examine Thomas Jefferson's inaugural address and complete a worksheet answerinwig questions in reference to the speech. Students will examine the court case Marbury v. Madison and the significants of Judicial Review. Students will learn about the Louisiana Purchase and different constitutional and financial matters related to it. 

    Homework- Edpuzzle through Google Classroom or workbook pages 85-96


    US History Agenda November 27-December 1

    Students will learn about the presidency of George Washington and John Adams. Students will complete worksheets and textbook questions about how the nation developed under the two presidents. Students will start filling out a study guide for the Unit 3 Test.

    Homework- Choose one:  Edpuzzle through google classroom or workbook p. 73-78

    US History Agenda November 06-November 10

    Students will complete a chart describing the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, then complete a worksheet describing Federalist Papers #15. Students will complete a series of questions regarding the new constitution other aspects of forming the new government on p. 162. Students will complete a scavenger hunt activity in which they must figure out which amendment from the US Constitution is being described.

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle through google classroom or workbook p. 67-72

    US History Agenda October 30-November 03

    Students will complete their Document Based Question essay. Students will then complete a graphic organizer about the Articles of Condederation and the reasons why it failed and was replaced. Students will analyze primary sources and works from Thomas Paine and the Federalist Papers. Students will learn how the United States Constitution came to replace the Articles of Confederation.

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle through Google Classroom or workbook pages 61-67 or write a summary describing the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.

    US History Agenda October 17-October 20

    Students will read Thomas Paine's "Crisis Papers" and answer questions. Students will evaluate Valley Forge and Sentiments of an American Woman. Students will fill out study guide for Unit 2 Exam which will be administered next week. Introduction to DBQ.

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle through google classroom or workbook pages 55- 60.

    Quizizz Review game  code is 785293. Go through join.quizizz.com if you have trouble  logging  in through google  classroom. Unit 2 Study Guide is available under Terms Lists and PowerPoint tab.

    US History Agenda October 9-October 13

    Students will complete a worksheet activity in groups examining senarios and determine whether the person being discribed is a Patriot, Loyalist, or Neutral in terms of independence in the American colonies. Students will examine key battles and key people that contributed to the American Revolutionary War. Students will compare land control before and after the Treaty of Paris. Students will complete study guide for Unit 2 Test.

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle through google classroom or write a summary describing causes and effect of the American Revolution or worksheet p. 49-54

    US History Agenda October 2-October 6

     Students will finish covering causes and effects of the French and Indian War. Students will analyze causes of the American Revolution including a propaganda activity about the Boston Massacre and points of view activity about Patriots and Loyalists.

    Homework- Choose one: 2 Edpuzzles through google classroom (1 on French and Indian war and 1 on causes of the American Revolution), or p.43-48 in the work

    US History Agenda September 25- September 29

    Finish DBQ. Review in class for assessment. Unit 1 assessment. French and Indian War Activity. Primary Source Activity for Samuel Adams. Activity covering causes of the American Revoluion.

    Homework- Choose one: Edpuzzle on Massachusetts Bay Colony or Write a 1 page summary describing the Massachusetts Bay colony or Workbook pages 37-42

    US History Agenda September 18- September 22

    Continue working on DBQ about the Salem Witch Trials. Activity for the French and Indian War. Review for Unit 1 Test.

    Homework- Due to Hurricane Irma I will extend last weeks homework due date to next week.

    US History Agenda September 5- September 8

    Finish summary and chart activity about colonies. Primary source activity in groups on Pocahontas. Jamestown and Plymouth colonies activities.

    Homework- (1) Edpuzzle on Jamestown. Written option is to write a summary describing Jamestown of about 1 page.


    US History Agenda August 28- September 1

    Review and complete quiz on early colonization. Students will write a mock charter colonizing their own colony in groups. Students will research the 13 colonies and fill out chart and organizer in groups. Students will complete primary source activities for each group of colonies. 13 colonies assessment at the end of section.

    Homework- (1) Edpuzzle on 13 colonies accessible through google classroom. Directions for accessing Google Classroom on my webpage.

    Or write a one page summary comparing the similarities and differences of the 3 different colonial regions.


    US History Agenda August 21-25

    Students will finish European colonization chart, work on primary sources from Columbus and Bartolome de las Casas, in groups students will answer assigned questions regarding primary sources. Videos and PowerPoint included. In the second and third blocks this week students will cover the Middle Passage and Columbian Exchange analyzing primary sources that link to the African Slave trade. Bellwork every class.

    Homework- Edpuzzle accessed through Google Classroom. Alternative assignment is to write a one page summary describing how the Columbian Exchange created a new system of trade across the Atlantic Ocean.


    US History Agenda August 14-18

    Monday/ Tuesday- Students will review rules, procedures, drills, and other school policies. Students will receive bellwork folders and fill them out and personalize them before reviewing bellwork procedures. Students will fill out table of contents for their notebook and will review how the notebook will be organized. After students will log into their google classroom and review how to look for assignments, complete assignments, and check grades.

    Wednesday/ Thursday- Students will be go to a computer lab to further review google classroom, and login procedures. Then students will receive an introduction to Edpuzzle, Quizziz, iCivics, my webpage, and other useful websites and programs to help them with the class this year.

    Friday- Students will begin by learning about early Native American, African, and European cultures. Students will go over basic geography for future use in the class. Students will discuss the differences and similarities between the European countries competing to colonize North and South America while filling out a chart for their notebook.

    Homework- Coming Soon!