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Course Information


All assignments for all classes will be on Google Classroom

Goals For Students

  • Be curious
  • Be creative
  • Share and critique ideas respectfully
  • Grow in your love for science

Classroom Expectations

A.Communicate with partners only when instructed

B.Quietly raise hand to ask or answer a question

C.Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself

D.Cellphones belong in bookbags on silent

E.Stay in your seat and on task

F.Start Bellwork immediately

G.No Personal Attacks


  • Homework (10%)
  • Assignments/Quizzes (40%)
  • Tests/Projects (50%)


  • Homework will be assigned each week and will be displayed on the board. Students are encouraged to be proactive in completing their homework..
  • When turning in papers make sure your name, date, and period are in the top right corner.


  • Bellwork will be on the board at the beginning of every class. When recording your bellwork you must write the date, the question, and your answer.
  • These are meant to serve as introductions to lessons, challenging situations, opportunities to express your opinions, and personal notes.
  • At random there will be bellwork quizzes.

The Question Box

  • Science includes a vast spectrum of topics not all of which we have time to cover in class. If you have a burning question that we don’t have time for in class, write it down on a slip of paper and place it in the question box.

Behavior in Class

  • While communication and collaboration is an essential part of being a scientist all good scientists know that there is a time and a place to collaborate. You will be given opportunities to share your ideas and opinions both with your friends and the class, please be patient.
  • If you choose to express your ideas and opinions in unacceptable ways, then you will be subject to disciplinary consequences.

Bathroom Policy

  • Raise a hand and wait to be called on.
  • Appropriate times to use the bathroom: Before class, After class, During independent work
  • Inappropriate times to use the bathroom: During lecture, During bellwork, During an activity, During a lab