• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Cambridge?

    Cambridge is a magnet high honors program within North Marion Middle School.  The magnet program provides advanced and in-depth curriculum to students at an accelerated pace.  In addition, Cambridge provides a rigorous high school preparatory program that prepares students for AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Edcucation), IB (International Baccalaureate) , CCAP (College Career Advacned Placement), AP (Advanced Placement), and Dual Enrollment.


    How do I get in to the Cambridge program?

    All students looking to apply to the Cambridge program must have a level 4, 5 on the Florida Standards Assessment, Excellent behavior (no disciplinary referrals), high academic grades in core subject areas, and good attendance.   Applications are located on the North Marion Middle School website in electronic form and can be submitted from there. 


    Can I apply to more than one magnet program?

    Students may apply to all local magnet programs.  However, many magnet programs may differ in their acceptance criteria.


    Will I be notified if my child is accepted in the magnet program?

    Notifications will be sent before the end of the school year indicating the acceptance of your child into the program at North Marion Middle School.


    If my child is in a Magnet School and applies to a different Magnet Program during the school year, does he/she automatically get in?

    No, if the student wishes to change Magnet Programs in the middle of the academic year, entrance criteria must be met and space must be available.


    Is there a cost to attend a Magnet Program?

    No, Magnet Programs are free to students.


    Is transportation provided?

    Yes, transportation is provided by the Marion County District to Magnet Schools for Magnet students who reside within the specified local area of the district and are zoned for North Marion Middle.  However, students looking to attend the magnet school outside of their school area may contact the Marion County Transportation Department to see if bus stops are available that serve North Marion Middle outside of the normal travel zones.


    If my child is currently enrolled in a Magnet Program, do they need to reapply?

    Current magnet students do not need to apply in order to remain in their present magnet school. However, magnet students in the 5th and 8th grades must apply for middle and high school magnet programs.


    If my child is currently attending a Magnet Program in another county and we move, are they automatically transferred into the Marion County Magnet Program?

    No, you will need to complete an application to enroll your child in the Marion County Magnet Programs. Placement in a Magnet Program will be based on space availability, along with academic/talent criteria at the secondary level.