Cambridge Faculty


    Cambridge Checkpoint Faculty at North Marion Middle


    JOHNSON, Ingrid – 6th Grade Cambridge Math

    Ingrid Johnson            B.S. Saint Leo University

               2018 Golden Apple Recipient

               Professional Certification in Orton Gillingham Techniques - 2009

               FDOE High Impact Teacher for 2018 to present

               Mathematics Lead Teacher 2013-present

               Certified Supervisor of Interns/Peer Instructor 2005 - 2014

               Member of Marion County STEAM LEAD team



     HICKS, Casie - 6th Grade Cambridge Math



    CASSE, Camden – 6th Grade Cambridge World History

                                                      B.A. History University of Florida

                                                     Three Year Certification






     PETRO, Brooke - 6th Grade Cambridge Science

         waidelich           B.S Defiance College

                   NMMS Track Coach

                   Alpha Delta Kappa Female Educator Scholar (2018)








    POLLINGER, Eva – 6th & 7th Grade Cambridge Language Arts

    pollinger               B.A. University of North Florida   









    JABLONSKI, Sandi – 7th Grade Cambridge Civics

    Sandi Jablonski            B.S. Troy University

               M.S. Walden University

               Ph.D. Walden University

               Associate of Applied Science – Graphic/Web Page Design – Collin College

               Forensic Psychologist, Alexander J. Paret & Associates, State of New Mexico

               Phi Thea Kappa Texas Region District II Hall of Honor Inductee

               Director of Tallahassee Excursion




    WARREN, Lori "Doc" – 7th Grade Cambridge Science & 8th Grade Cambridge Science Honors

    Lori Warren           B.S. Florida Institute of Technology

              M.S. Florida Institute of Technology

              Ed. D Nova Southeastern University

              Coordinator for NMMS Gifted Education

              U.S. Army Active Duty until 1986/Staff Sergeant U.S Army Reserve until 1996

              First Degree Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do

              NMMS Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer




    EDWARDS, Joan - 7th Grade Cambridge Math


                B.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition

                Certified in 5-9 Mathematics

                Girls Track Coach







    BIZZARRO, Dino – 8th Grade Cambridge English I Honors


                                                     Certified English 6-12



    LOCKLEY, William "Marc" – 8th Grade Algebra and Geometry Honors

    William Lockley           B.A. Saint Leo University

              M.S. Florida State University

              Ed. D University of Florida

              Golden Apple Award Recipient, Marion County, 2010

              MATHCOUNTS Head Coach, Assistant Academic Team Coach

              STEM Award Recipient 2017

              Supervisor of Interns 2010-present




    MELANCON, Keith E. - Cambridge Coordinator – 8th Grade Cambridge U.S. History Honors

    Keith Melancon           B.A. University of Florida

              M.A. American Public/Military University

              Professor, History - College of Central Florida, University of Central Florida

              NMMS Teacher for Historical Studies/History Department Chair

              Certified Mentor and Peer Review Instructor

              Academic Team Head Coach, Assistant MATHCOUNTS Coach

              Director of Washington D.C. Excursion