Cambridge Program

  • Cambridge What We Do

    Belleview Middle School’s Cambridge program is focused on providing a student-centered learning environment.  Our goal is to prepare our students for the demands of secondary education, giving them a jump start on college and career readiness.  We do this by supporting our students’ development and application of learning by demonstrating real-world applications of that knowledge.

    Instruction Focuses On

    • Close Reading and Writing to Learn
    • Writing to demonstrate a deep understanding
    • Project-based learning activities (science fair, robotics, etc.)
    • Building interdisciplinary understanding

    Our School

    Belleview Middle serves South Marion County—including the communities of Belleview, Ocala, and Summerfield.  We are located on County Road 467 near Belleview, FL.  The beautiful 40-acre campus consists of nine brick and mortar buildings.  We serve students in grades six through eight.  Our current enrollment is approximately 1300 students.


    Our Teachers

    Belleview Middle School Cambridge Teachers set high expectations for our students.  A Cambridge teacher is trained in the Cambridge model of a spiral curriculum.  Teachers attend on-going instructional training to ensure that our students are offered the most up-to-date instructional strategies to help prepare our students for college, careers, and the future.


    Why Cambridge?

    "Students who follow the Cambridge curriculum are equipped to find success around the world.  Our qualifications are accepted at universities, colleges, professional associations, governments, ministries, and companies, across 195 countries."
    Source: Cambridge International Examinations 2016

    Cambridge Philosophies


    • Scientific investigations are unlocking the secrets of the universe.  What will you do in your lifetime?
    • Our education programs help students develop a passion for learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.



    • Penicillin was discovered by accident.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.
    • We help students learn to innovate and experiment with new ways to solve problems.  We prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.



    • Solar energy is clean, but can it be cheap and reliable?
    • Our students learn to become reflective and assess every piece of information for themselves.  We prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.



    • World leaders make economic decisions that affect millions of people.  How would you decide what is best for everyone?
    • We promote responsibility, encouraging students to be responsive to and respectful of the needs of others.



    • It is said that Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity simply because he asked himself ‘Why do apples fall from trees?’
    • Our education programs help students develop informed curiosity, equipping them with the inquisitiveness to live a life of discovery. 



    • The first steps towards walking on the moon?  Believing it was possible.
    • Our students develop the confidence to have new ideas and turn their dreams into reality.



    • Can global warming only be stopped by a global change in attitude?  Make your voice heard.
    • We encourage students to be engaged, equipped with the skills to articulate their opinions, and make a difference.


    BMS Electives:

    • Agri-Science (Intro., Orientation & Exploration)
    • Art (Visual Arts & Drawing I)
    • Computer Applications
    • Culinary Arts
    • TV Production
    • Health Occupations (Intro., Orientation, Exploration)
    • Music Program: Band (Beginning & Advanced), Chorus and Jazz Instrumental
    • Robotics I & II
    • Yearbook

    Extracurricular Activities:

    • Clubs: FCA, FFA, NJHS,  HOSA, FANS, Drama,  Robotics
    • Field Trips & Fun: Government in Action-Tallahassee ♦ Washington, D.C. ♦ Grade Level End of Year Trips and Grad Bash
    • Sports: Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
    • 21st Century Community Learning Community—a before and after-school program for students that offers additional opportunities for homework help, STEM project-based learning activities, and physical fitness.

    Cambridge Contacts:

    Phone: 352-671-6235 
    Fax: 352-671-6239

    BMS Contacts:

    • Principal: Dr. Dion Gary
    • Assistant Principal of Curriculum: January Trapp
    • Assistant Principal of Instruction: Rusty Corley
    • Asssitant Principal of Discipline: Antonio Maldonado
    • Cambridge Coordinator: Meghan High
    • Guidance Counselor: Shanda Nikolajski 
    • Guidance Counselor: Jennifer Styles      
    • Guidance Counselor: Dr. Yvonna Baker