• Jan. 3 & 4:  get Legal Responsibilities study guide; Get Term Set 12; Read Florida's Good Samaritan Act; Health Center 21 Legal & Ethical Responsibilities

    Jan. 7:  Organ Donation Lesson

    Jan. 8:  Letter to the editor / poster due; Insurance Questions (book pages to answer insurance questions)

    Jan. 9:  Term Quiz 12; Term Set 13; finish Insurance Questions

    Jan. 10 & 11:  Pick an Insurance Plan activity

    Extra Credit:  Due by t3:30 p.m. 1/18/19.  Health Cost Comparison

    Jan. 14:  Read article and answer questions on Living Wills & Healthcare Surrogates

    Jan. 15:  Health Center 21 Legal & Ethical Responsibilities - must be done by end of week

    Jan. 16:  Term Quiz #13; Term Set #14; HC21 Legal & Ethics

     Jan. 17 & 18:  Finish HC21 Legal & Ethics; Death & Dying Study Guide; Assign Stages of Grief Booklet; take notes on S/S of Death

    Jan. 21:  MLK Jr. Day - No School

    Jan. 22:  HC21 Legal & Ethics selected questions turned in for grade; Mortuary Science Notes

    Jan. 23:  STages of Grief booklet due; Term Quiz 14; Term Set 15

    Jan. 24 & 25:  Hospice Articles & Questions; take Aging & Death quiz on Health Center 21 - Human Growth & Development module

    Jan. 28:  Grade Stages of Grief booklets; Grade Hospice Questions; HC21 Aging & Death Quiz

    Jan. 29:  review for test; Aging & Death Quiz

    Jan. 30:  Term Quiz 15, Term Set 16; Aging & Death Quiz

    Jan. 31 & Feb. 1:  Legal & Ethics / Death & Dying Test; work throught Health Center 21 Client Status module; begin notes on Vital Signs

    Feb. 4:  Vital Signs Notes; practice vitals

    Feb. 5:  Assign Vital Signs Scavenger Hunt; Vital Signs Questions 1-10; practice vitals

    Feb. 6:  Glisson out - sub today Term Quiz 16; Vital Signs Questions

    Feb. 7 & 8:  practice Apical Pulse; work on Vital Signs Questions; Vital Signs Scavenger Hunt

    Feb. 11:  Glisson out - in Media Center TPR Graph; Height and Weight worksheet

    Feb. 12:  Glisson out - sub today Work on Height and Weight worksheet

    Feb. 13:  Term Quiz 17; Term Set 18; Finish TPR graph from Monday; turn in; Finish Height & Weight worksheet; turn in; Complete Vital Signs Scavenger Hunt; due block day; Work on HC21 Medical Math Quizzes – you have until next Wed. to complete the quizzes; one will be counted as a grade

    Feb. 14 & 15:  Go over how to measure height & weight;  Measure your own height and weight; ­Weight is not working properly;m Work on Vital Signs Scavenger Hunt – due by end of class;  Finish Vital Signs Worksheet (in sheet protector);  Finish TPR Graph & turn in;  Finish Height & Weight worksheet & turn in;  Do HC21 Medical Math quizzes

    Feb. 19:  Answer selected questions from Vital Signs Worksheet for a grade;  go over Vising & Hearing screening, reflex testing

    Feb. 20:  Term Quiz 18; Term Set 19; work on HC21 Medical Math Quizzes

    Feb. 21 & 22:  24-hour time / Analog clock workshet; work on HC21 Medical Math Quizzes

    Feb. 25:  Begin conversions; get Medical Math Conversion sheet

    Feb. 26: Basic Medical Conversions Worksheet

    Feb. 27:  Early Release / Academy Day

    Feb. 28 : more Math conversion practice; Vital Signs Skills practice 

    Mar. 1:  more Math conversion practice; Drug Brochure Assignment

    Mar. 4:  Finish Vital Signs Skills practice; Drug Brochure Assignment

    Mar. 5:  Review for Thurs. / Fri. Test on Vital Signs & Medical Math

    Mar. 6:  Term Quiz #19; assign Stress Management project

    Mar. 7 & 8:  Test - Vital Signs & Medical Math; wrok on Stress Management project

    Mar. 11:  Begin 9/11 Emergency Room Documentary w/ questions\

    Mar. 12:  Finish 9/11 Emergency Room Documentary - turn in questions; Finish & turn in Stress Management Project

    Mar. 13 & 14:  Mental Health Article and Assignment