• Jan. 7:  Nervous Intro.

    Jan. 8:  turn in notes from yesterday; homework:  P. 430, REVIEW QUESTIONS # 1-8, Due next class; Read article & answer questions https://library.vcc.ca/learningcentre/pdf/vcclc/NerveSignalTransmission.pdf

    Jan. 9 & 10:  Crash Course Nervous System Video & Questions; go over notes from Tues.; Nervous System Worksheet

    Jan. 13:  Reflex Lab; Brain Diagram - complete for homework

    Jan. 14:  go over brain diagram; CNS Matrix - complete by beginning of block day class; finish & turn in Reflex Lab

    Jan. 15:  Brain function notes; brain box; CNS matrix will now be due Tues. 1/21

     Jan. 16 & 17:  Grade reflex labsl; Fill in spinal cord diagram; Spinal cord notes; CNS matrix – now due Tuesday (it went out on remind Wed. at 3:35)

    Jan.  21:  CNS Matrix due; finish notes; go over Nervous system Worksheet; Ear & Eye diagrams

    Jan. 22:  Early Release Day - in 1st period all day for state-mandated Mental Health Training

    Jan. 23 & 24:  Neurology Activity; go over ear & eye diagrams