• Good morning, I hope everyone is doing ok, i miss our shop time and im sure you all do as well.JUST A REMINDER....the work i post in google classroom is your grade. If the work is not done, you will fail this quarter.If you have problems or concerns, text,call or email me. I dont have a problem helping you out.

    You have all been sent an invite to the google classroom. Class code os 2kxunaj.  Your assignments are posted and graded there,and i will transfer them to skyward. If you have trouble with the site, email me, as i don't want to see any grades suffer in the last grading period.

     All assignments will be posted on google classroom. All auto students,regardless of class,will be doing the same assignments. All work will be done through Google classroom. 

    As always, you can email me at wayne.parks@marion.k12.fl.us . Stay safe.

     Welcome to the MTI Automitive Academy homepage. Here at MTI,we focus on getting the student ready to enter the field with the knowledge,mechanical understanding and confidence to succeed in their chosen field. Automotive is more than just wrenching on a car and changing parts. Today's automtive technician needs to know how to use computer systems to communicate with modern,advanced vehicles, and to be able to repair them properly. The days of the shadetree mechanic that can fix a car on the side of the road  are long gone. Every system of today's average vehicle is computer controlled,and work through various communication networks to operate. Without proper training and equipment, a technicain has no future in today's world. Students will have the opportunity to get industry standard certifications such as OSHA,SP2,FADA, and ASE. I will teach the basics of automotive using old school hot rods and modern technology with my automotive background and shop equipment.

      A typical automotive technicain goes through constant training and schooling in order to keep up with technology,and must posses the same knowledge of vehicles as a doctor does about a human body. Job growth is very favorable,as many older technicians are retiring or moving to different positions,there is a smaller number of people entering the field. It is a rewarding line of work,being able to repair complex vehicles that most of the general public would have no idea on how to repair. There are several other fields  in which automotive knowledge is needed,such as automotive service advisors,managers,parts specialists,engineers,designers, as well as fields in custom automotive fabrication and high performance/racing.

      Here at MTI automotive academy,we are a fully equipped working shop,with a full selection of tools,welding equipment,hoists,scanners, and alignment machines. I run the shop like an actual automotive shop,with a customer write up area,work orders,and ability to look up proper specifications for the vehicles in the shop. Proper shoes and safety glasses will be worn in order to enter the shop. Like a real shop,I expect students to arrive on time,dress appropriatley,and act professional.

     I  also encourage students to have personal projects,as well as participate in class projects. We have had several class projects,in which all students are welcome to participate,express their ideas and make them a reality. I do plan on having quite a few free shop days,in which students are given a free class to work on their own cars or projects. Even though students will be spending time doing bookwork and quizzes,we will have shop lab activites and plenty of shop time. I will ensure the students undertsand how the various systems operate,using online sources,bookwork,and actual components and working vehicles to get a real hands on approach.Our Rat truck project