• Hello! Thank you for visiting my site. A few things:


    - My room will be open for Power Hour on Monday (A&B), Thursday (A&B), and Friday (B only). Please let me know in advance (if possible) if you are seeking assistance during those times!

    - Assignments and notes will be posted with some regularity, as I assign them.

    - Email is typically the best method of contact and for the most part, you can expect a response within 24 hours (48, if over the weekend).



  • I hope you're as excited as I am for a new school year! In order to get a good sense of how I should structure my classes, I have assigned a technology survey via Google Forms. The best part: this is an easy first assignment to receive a 100% on! All you need to do is fill this out by Monday, 8/14 (students added after 8/14 will still receive credit for filling this out within the first week of joining my class). It's very quick, and I greatly appreciate it. Your responses will not be publicized, as they are only to help me set up the course in a manner that makes sense.


    Technology Access Survey

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